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I’m agnostic, but call myself an atheist as push-back against theists who feel entitled to push their beliefs onto others, especially if they strongly influence government or if government willingly seeks to support them at the cost of non-believers. I.e., I advocate for secular government, and I care how taxes and political rhetoric are used to support any particular religion over another religion or lack thereof.

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As a young teen I started reading Dianetics because people I liked were Scientologists. I was shocked by the kind of gullibility that must exist out there if they even read past the first chapter, and decided right then and there to not take a chance on diving into any belief unless its presentation was fact based, or at least philosophically interesting enough to keep in mind. (Chapter 1 was philosophically interesting enough, but not what followed.)

So far, only science works for me, and even then I’m always skeptical. Big Bang, Quantum Physics, Dark Matter and Energy are interesting and fun to read about, but that doesn’t mean I’m convinced they are the final explanation of the universe. During the covid-19 crisis, I’m shocked and angered by the number of people who fall for openly partisan or ignorant opinions about science and medicine. Trying to have dialog with those people stresses me out even more than the pandemic itself.