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Active here on AZ: I often write in unclear fashion, or with typos, so I’m trying to live by a 1-day rule wrt editing my own posts and leaving a reason for my edit(s). E.g. plain typos are easy to spot, and edit right away, and I don’t explain such corrections. But if, on the following day, I see some improvement needed to my writing or paragraphing or similar, I might again edit it without appending a note explaining how I edited my post.

After a day, if I see something that needs editing or updating, I expect I’ll leave an explanation in the edit log, unless it’s trivial like a typo, formatting, or minor clarification that I feel should have been in the original post.

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I’m agnostic, but call myself an atheist as push-back against theists who feel entitled to push their beliefs onto others, especially if they strongly influence government or if government willingly seeks to support them at the cost of non-believers. I.e., I advocate for secular government, and I care how taxes and political rhetoric are used to support any particular religion over another religion or lack thereof.

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