• Davyd R Ondrejko posted an update in the group Group logo of Sunday SchoolSunday School 5 years ago

    When Christians ask me “What is stopping you from committing murder if you don’t believe in (their) god” I am glad they have a moral policeman.

    I murder as many people as I want to. That happens to be “no people.” (Though the thought does cross My mind regarding certain government officials)

    — Davyd

    • Davis replied 5 years ago

      I always throw the question back on them.

      “Can you think of any reason why I wouldn’t kill someone”? “Can you think of a reason why I would never want to kill someone”?

      Some of them honestly say they cannot. Outside of their confusing and muddled set of contradictory laws and rules, they don’t seem to be able to trust reasoned morality. This is despite the fact that they make modern moral decisions in scenarios the bible never covered in any way. So they are certainly able to do it, but cannot seem to admit it.

      A christian user here answered my question “Can you think of any reason I might not want to hurt people” and the answer was “I honestly cannot figure it out. I’m not trying to be facetious”.

      That is horridly disturbing.