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    I define “right” as “when you act, each person affected by your actions is to receive the maximum benefit and minimum harm available to them”.

    How does this (if it does) differ from utilitarian philosophy?

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    Probably an antiquated and personal definition of terms here, but I’ve always understood “morals” to be the rules that are imposed on you and “ethics” to be the rules that you impose on yourself.  So by that understanding, I agree that atheists have no morals.  They may, however, have a set of ethics.

    Personally, I have been told, by someone w…[Read more]

  • We only exist to please you, El Supremo.  We are relieved ecstatic that you are pleased, O Great One,

  • Will it happen in our lifetime?

    Hopefully not.  I agree with many of the posts in the original conversation that expressed the opinion that such a button should not be used. I agree with that opinion in principle, though I think that its use on certain US political leaders could be tempting.




  • I am of the opinion that the *content* of posts is more important than making them look PRETTY.  I don’t mind the format personally, as I often find that an overabundance of formatting options can be more of a hindrance than a help.  YMMV, of course.

  • People would look at sacred buildings and percieve them just as we do now with Roman and Greek Ruins or the Pyramids or Mayan temples.

    Yet We are aware that those buildings were built by, for the most part, theists of some flavour or another.  If I don’t remember ever being a theist and nobody else remembers ever being a theist but…[Read more]

  • I know this thread has been dead for nearly two years, but I can’t help but wonder why nobody brought up the obvious (to Me) question: If the button removes belief in God, and the memory of belief in God … how do you think that people would explain all the Bibles and Qurans and churches and temples and such?  And what would the paid clergy…[Read more]

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    When Christians ask me “What is stopping you from committing murder if you don’t believe in (their) god” I am glad they have a moral policeman.

    I murder as many people as I want to. That happens to be “no people.” (Though the thought does cross My mind regarding certain government officials)

    — Davyd

    • Davis replied 5 years ago

      I always throw the question back on them.

      “Can you think of any reason why I wouldn’t kill someone”? “Can you think of a reason why I would never want to kill someone”?

      Some of them honestly say they cannot. Outside of their confusing and muddled set of contradictory laws and rules, they don’t seem to be able to trust reasoned morality. This is…[Read more]

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    Hello everyone, and Welcome (or since I’m new here, welcome to Me, I guess).  I was a member of some forum or another some five or six years ago (that eventually became this forum after I left) then dropped away for whatever reason.  I was just doing an Internet search on My name and found some of those old discussions, and realized that I had s…[Read more]

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