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    The white man is the lowest form of a man and we have the laws to prove this reality and for any man who claims himself as being white, please embrace your horrific history and deal with the facts of the label that you have taken ownership of. 1.Anti-Miscegenation laws 2.The Mann act of 1910 3.The Doctrine of Discovery 4.Terra Nullius 5.Apartheid 6.The Scramble For Africa 7. Colonial Laws (The Divide and Conquer Rule) 8.Denying Women’s Equal Rights. 10. Denying non whites equal rights. 11. Then invention of race by skin colors.
    • Ysumlin are you checking whether any of us are reading your posts? You've told us there is no White or Black person. We are all one. Remember? The logic is as bad as original sin's? In what universe is a person who has no part and in historical atrocities responsible for or embracing those atrocities. If you want to play that sophmoric game i am happy to begin linking atrocities committed by Asians and Africans. But i would never make the claim that people today are responsible for their ancestor's actions.

      • Too bad you don’t comprehend the fact that the white race is a myth and I do not see them as nothing but a myth. These laws were written by men who calls themselves white but I see them as Black Men who hate being Black. So if you and others like you who wishes to see skin colors as a race, good for you but leave me out of this because, I see the entire human race living on earth today as Black People. This is facts not a myth unless you believe in the social construct that race is built upon and since science doesn’t see skin colors as a race for humans and with myself being a man of science, why would I see it differently?
          • You staw dogged me a few times. I despised racism long before the contemporary cultural movements.
            I think you are deceiving yourself. Correct me if i am wrong. You wrote, “What’s wrong with you White people? Further you have expressed those sentiments in words and implicitly in the nature of your links repeatedly. I have tried to get across to you that the problem is simply who has the power and tribalism. Or it is that humans are human. I had to get over my prejudice against Germans. I lost a great many in my family and experienced antisemitism from German Americans. But i realized through an examination of history it is as simple as i indicate. Who has the power and tribalism. The great majority of humans under pressure from their tribes will do unspeakable things. For every Autumn who actually examines issues and can be persuaded there are 1000 Encos who only see through the prisms of their political/religious ideology.
            It is utterly chimerical to think people will stop identifying others through skin color (also physical characteristics) Like it or not the concept of race is here to stay.
              • What is wrong with you? I don’t think like you do and the only people who are racist are the people who invented it and calls themselves white. Go yell at your Neo Nazi hate mongering people who calls themselves white the same as yourself. Black and Indigenous People have never done anything to you. Don’t put the way you think on me if you want to embrace race science then that’s on you. You can’t ever speak for me nor force your foolish beliefs on me, white people exclude themselves from Black People like me. We are the first and only humans on this earth so if you wish to embrace your fake race so be it, but like I asked you to leave me out of it.
                  • Ok, it is working again.

                    Are you saying ALL people who identify as White are racist?

                    If so is it fair to conclude you are a racist? I can see drawing conclusions about individuals who identify with extreme political parties and hate groups but White? It is way too diverse a group to make such broad assumptions. Were the White abolitionists who identified as White abolitionists (probably all White abolitionists) racists?

                    • Jakelafort, what you’re saying to me is “Jay let’s keep the crap that keeps us divided even though we know that it’s false, I’m saying to you, “why?” because I believe that people who are not aware of the constructs that keeps us divided as humans when we are all one species. I have a good reason for using the term Black People because the so called white race have done so much to demean people with darkly pigmented skin, no matter the shade. Even the Jewish People by their faith was treated harshly and yet they demeaned Black People through their stereotypical media the same discriminatory ideologies of eugenics that the Nazi’s used against them, one must come to the conclusion that the greatest and a disgraceful death that a human can have, is to be killed by a Black Person or a person with dark skin, regardless of the fact that you’re dead. You see it’s the people who calls themselves white still see Black People as non humans and themselves as humans and no one can tell me where white people comes from, seriously. The white race was given birth to race science but you don’t want to hear nor understand this, you are just reacting to the real truth that you hate Blackness too. The only people who are racist are the people who believes in race science, I do not, I know better. People really need to be educated and this is what I try to do, no matter how strong my language or offensive to others that it may seem, but I will never accept anything that demeans me or my children because they are the original and only humans on this planet. The hate groups are the problem not me and these groups fall under white supremacy and I don’t care what you call yourself, my kids and grandkids will not back down nor let anyone demean them. So to you I’m an Anti Racist who is fighting against your racism because it needs to be stopped.