• ysumlin posted an update in the group Group logo of The African and The Indigenous FreeThinkersThe African and The Indigenous FreeThinkers 7 months, 3 weeks ago I think most people here can see nothing is wrong with this? Jakelafort say’s people will see different characteristics in humans, I say there’s none because melanin determines our facial features such as, hair colors, skin colors, nose sizes,lip sizes, eye colors, and hair textures. Don’t believe me look it up. I try to use science as a teaching tool informing us all that we are 99.9% identical from our findings from the latest scientific breakthrough known as The Genome Project and that race is a myth for humans. This is true but I get reprimanded for making people who calls themselves white or caucasian offended which I’m offended because it demeans me and other humans who are not considered as being white. We as Black, Brown, People of Color oe whatever you wish to identify us and yet you feel you have the power to define or to speak for people who is considered as being non white. Scientific Racism was a European Invention and I should not be the one who is speaking out against it, this fight should be by the people who is labeled as being white. I’m 63 years old and all I’ve ever heard was the white race and this still continues to this very day. When Indigenous People like me who had their property vandalized, attacked by white supremacy hate groups, most people who calls themselves white look the other way or pretend nothing is happening. This will continue until people who calls themselves white pick up the fight that I have been trying so hard to end.

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              • Thanks PopeBeanie.
                  • ysumlin absolutely nobody will have assumed that you are a proponent of scientific racism!
                    I am familiar with the persons cited in that article and another i remember is Madison Grant. Those ideas of scientific racism informed American immigration policy for decades. It also differentiated between groups within Whitedom.
                    From my vantage it almost does not make a difference how insupportable rationales for oppression are. Justifications will be fabricated. Oppression is really boiled down to might makes right. As i indicated and i never hear or read anybody on the following point: Even assuming some physical or intellectual edge one group has over another why does it make a difference? What is there that enables you to feel justified in oppressing the group with some perceived inadequacy? The questions answer themselves. Might makes right. The psychology of ingroups also eliminate the sort of personal compunction individuals may have against unjust treatment of others.