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    After your demise, do you have a preferred disposition of your corpse?

    Lately, I’ve been favoring a so-called “natural” disposition where they dig a hole and cover me with dirt or, better, just leave me in the open the way most animals are returned to the Earth.



    Burn baby burn.



    The Indonesian tradition would take some getting used to, if you could ever.



    Paperwork is signed for donation to university medical research.


    My usual comment on this topic is that if reincarnation was an option then I would like to return as a ladies field hockey pitch on a rainy finals day.

    If not a medical donation if the best option with disposal of any remaining bits into the sea (or toilet) or maybe a Tibetan Sky funeral. As the eponymous hero Clint Eastwood said in the Ballad of Josey Wales, “Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms”.



    My preferences are that any bits of my body that can be of any use, should be made available for that purpose. The remaining parts are to be cremated and I do not give a shit what happens to the ashes. Flush them, scatter them, bury them – whatever those still alive want to do with them. I’ve already explained *I* won’t be there to care.


    I have always found it strange that people keep cremated ashes in an urn for years. I understand the ritual of spilling them in a place the deceased felt close to but leaving them on a cabinet or over the fireplace is weird, at least it is to me. I mean ashes are basically a powered skeleton with a few trace elements. Just a bottle of sand. Would anybody keep the skeleton of a loved one at home (except for a certain motel owner)? I suppose I have just pissed off a few people with that statement but it is a strange ritual…or maybe I am just strange 🙂 Stone Dead Forever.



    No, you are spot on Reg.

    The power of custom and tradition among us is crazy.


    @jake, very true. Every year in Northern Ireland the “Orange Order” of Unionists, many of whom are young Earth Creationists, demand that their traditional right to march up and down certain roads is upheld. These are the people whose political wing is keeping the Brexit government in power. They have never not had the right to walk up and down the road but they never shut about defending their god given right to do so.

    Why did the Orange chicken cross the road…………


    Cos his daddy always did.



    Reg, my sister-in-laws sister had both the urns containing her mother and mother-in-law respectively. The two sides of their family did not get on.  Consequently, whenever there was a family visit, the correct urn was placed on the mantelpiece and the incorrect one under the bed.  They switched these urns constantly, and never made a mistake!

    Their eventual divorce resolved the issue naturally.

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    @strega, Their eventual divorce resolved the issue naturally.

    Good. I ‘m glad they made no bones about it or there could have been a big dust up between them.

    (Reg, running for the hills).



    Very funny Mr Punman. My father was Greek and spoke English with quite a heavy accent. He also liked to use puns, but his particular kind were somewhat unique, as he would base the pun on his accent, ie socks were ‘shocks’ and punned well with any electrical joke.


    I should conduct myself better and switch off from this current line of thought but you know watt? Any resistance by me will be futile…OK, I will do a volt face before it all amps up and get myself ohm before you socket to me. I will find an alternate pun fest as this one will soon lose its spark. I have no more to relay on this.



    To save this from going down the drain and simply tanking…Farah Fawcett once said that water can be a good analogy to electricity. No pressure to leak this pun or even to continue because someone is likely to blow a gasket.

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