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    In the old days, they used to burn cats alive or fling them off church towers to be stomped on by rabid crowds below because people believed they were the devil’s minions.

    Today, cat abuse tries to have an innocent face and is justified by high-sounding ideals.

    It’s hard to believe, I know, but some cat owners try to extend their veggies-only lifestyle to their cats.

    Cats have evolved to eat meat and nothing but meat, unlike dogs, which are omnivorous and can, survive, but probably not thrive, on a diet consisting solely of rutabagas, zucchinis, and potatoes. (I strongly suspect, though, that just about any dog would love to have a pork chop now and again.)

    I view trying to force a vegetarian/vegan diet on an obligate carnivore as animal abuse, no different from trying to make cows eat chicken wings because you are a paleo.

    Well, maybe a cat can survive if forced by the lack of an alternative to eat pumpkin, acai berries, potatoes, and zucchini, but imagine how deprived a cat must feel and how much more difficult it will be to provide the animal with a nutritious diet. And in fact, I think it probably can’t be done without resorting to supplementing the diet with exotic and artificially-produced chemistry like taurine, linoleic and arachidonic acids, various amino acids, and…well, read this article to see what I mean.

    These diet-obsessed idiots should either be imprisoned or their cats taken away. Or both.

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    My birdfeeders are helping the bobcats around here. Squirrels gather below the feeders and get careless as they look for seed. Every now and then there is a big commotion and then I’ll see a beautiful bobcat trotting off with a furry meal. I never see a bobcat stop by the vegetable plot….



    If someone were to make canned cat food based on mice, rats, squirrels, songbirds, moles, snakes, etc., they might make a mint. Chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, salmon, tuna, etc., are not natural cat prey.



    I cannot think of a single moral system that doesn’t result in answer YES. If you asked “is it wrong to feed cats a vegetarian diet” then you’re on a lower consensus among moral systems ground, some will result in no. But responding to “is not feeding an essential diet to a domesticated animal a form of animal abuse”? Obviously. I mean…it’s virtually a tautology.



    Snowflake would be a nice name for a cat.



    Snowflake was the dolphin in Pet Detective.



    Vegetarian here, who liberally slathers her darling kitty with cute little rabbits (gasp!) and chickies. Well, my Sabrina (who is a muscular cat with a very thick coat) IS DEFINITELY a carnivore. I also make certain that her cat food is high protein, grain-free and rich in taurines. The nasty commercial stuff is loaded with grains.

    I don’t understand misguided folks who try to make their cats vegetarians. Oh, my cat is also Guardian of the Home. If it moves or lives, she is on it in a New York Minute.

    Since nutrition for us vegetarian humans is tricky, I’m quite careful about it. One super benefit of not eating meat is that my cholesterol is never a problem. But I would never consider expecting my cat to go meatless! That would indeed be abusive.



    Good for you. There are videos of people making vegetarian or vegan cat food based on oats and other stuff (but oats is a grain, you numbskull, and isn’t even good for DOGS!). They can’t imagine how idiotic they look as they make the shit, either. A vegetarian or vegan trying to make their cat eat vege-based food is like a Christian cat owner trying to force their cat to accept Jesus as their savior.

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