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    Simon has spotted that someone called “Dr. Bob” died last summer. The post is from W.L. Craig’s Facebook page as per below:

    I suspect it is our old theist friend from Think Atheist. I once suggested to him that a particular argument he was making made him sound like W.L. Craig to which I got no reply 🙂 A few years previously I had to change a post titled “Evidence for God’s existence” to “Arguments for God’s existence” and I made a similar comment to the poster about also sounding very like W.L Craig. This time the poster, Kevin Harris, informed me that he is actually the social media manager for Craig (and he still is). They all are very good apologists but all start by presupposing that their God exists without seeing the weakness of that position or “a posteriori knowledge” as they might call it.

    Condolences to anyone passing that knew him. Just in case Dr. Bob, I got the wrong “Dr. Bob”, I am sure you will recall the words of Mark Twain (another damn atheist) that “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” and join in again for another round 🙂




    I found the latest “defenders” class by WL Craig. He starts out by saying that demons blind us unbelievers so we can’t see the truth. Yes, demons.  He would not dare talk this way in a public debate; knowing he would get laughed off the stage. Even his title “reasonable faith” is  oxymoronic babble.


    Dr. Bob was nice and respectful. Never did answer a question directly but then again, how could he?



    Never did answer a question directly but then again, how could he?

    Haha, well put. I wouldn’t say he was always respectful, because in fact he was so evasive, so often pretending he didn’t understand what was said to him. But evasive in an intelligent way, if not downright misleading at times, or even trollish on a bad day.

    I viewed him as a powerful spokesman for the enemy, able to fast talk to the vulnerable or to the easily offended to elicit embarrassing rants, and I feel I learned how not to respond like either (the vulnerable or the offended). The bottom line (for me) was about how to respond to him with respect while helping  other readers see how wrong or evasive he was… and I’m always thinking about how theists or fence sitters might be reading our stuff. I can’t say I did that as well as I wanted to, but I tried.


    Simon Paynton

    I had a lot of affection for Dr Bob.  He was good at being polite and respectful, even when he was being hammered.  I too found him evasive on certain points.



    I suspect it is our old theist friend from Think Atheist.

    I don’t believe for a second Dr. Bob was a philosopher. I’ve never met a PhD philosopher who would avoid a straight forward questions. Dr. Bob claimed to be a professor of physics, one who studied the strange empirical world of physics yet still believed in God. I’ve known several scientists studying frontier science and still believing in God and they all had a very similar narrative to Dr. Bob. I believed he was a physics professor (despite no evidence). I seriously doubt Dr. Bob was W.L.Craig.


    Sorry, it was not my intention to imply Dr Bob was an incognito W.L. Craig.  Dr. Bob was a theologian. This is why he could not answer a direct question. If he tried he would waffle and misdirect. If confronted with a solid argument that clearly refuted his point, he would ignore it completely or attack a minor part of the counter argument and claim that he that therefore undermined the essence of the entire counter argument. This was always disingenuous of him. I argued with him and Kevin Harris and they sounded the same and used the same polished apologetic tactics. It is because their vocabulary is limited to the same well worn and well debunked arguments that they tend to all eventually sound the same. You need to bring your best game though to debate with W.L. Craig.



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