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    Does anyone actually like these?

    Just the white part.



    Look, I celebrate Xmas (as opposed to CHRISTmas). It’s a family togetherness thing only. No prayers, no saying grace, no going to a Christmas Eve or Morning service.

    I love Christmas time. It’s a fabulous holiday, especially for children. I actually like Christmas songs, they have great tunes and friends and family love singing them. And we can sing them…despite none of us believing in it. If I watch the Drummer Boy, I simply think it’s a good story, and there is nothing wrong with experiencing the literature and art from religions (so much of it is from religions). I enjoy it just a little bit more in fact, cause in the back of my mind I always think it’s helarious that so many people really believe these things: like a man in the sky reincarnated as a human for the sake of being tortured. I mean, it’s really hard to make up something more ridiculous. I also try to see Handel’s The Messiah in performance and play it in the background. It is a master piece of baroque music. The santa stuff is a lot of fun and the gift sharing can be pretty beautiful for those who like that sort of thing. And in Belgium, Germany and Spain there are even more customs that add to it…very fun, tasty and unique things to do (like the Spanish Christmas lottery, a flemish singing/drinking party, German spiced wine at the xmas market). Such a grand holiday. And it doesn’t matter that it is culturally co-opted with Jesus stuff. Celebrating it doesn’t mean you are participating in Jesus belief nor spreading it nor encouraging it. 50% of Spain are non-believers and Christmas is still adored and celebrated. Atheists don’t mind the public religious symbols and don’t mind religious elements (as long as it doesn’t get preachy).

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    ….. I love Christmas time……

    Me too. Could not agree more. Christmas has largely lost the religious bent and is mostly just a good-will holiday. I particularly enjoy any music from “The Nutcracker” and I love the Dicken’s tale, which is really a secular message….don’t be an asshole !



    Here is a dissenting voice on the feel-good vibes associated with christmas. Fuck christmas and the horse it rode in on. But leave the horse alone. I like animals. Christmas so dominates culture after thanksgiving in USA with its endless jingles and symbols. It is a mass lets-pretend when we humans ought not celebrate pretend or pretentious, considering our irrational side. Christmas makes non=christians, feel crappy more often than you might believe. And like a wedding with its mystical importance when it finally arrives it is another…all that effort and expectation for this? I have witnessed many christmas lovers fall into deep depression as the reality and memories of christmas past leave the lover wanting. But CHA, CHA CHIA! If you are american here is four to five you got that reference. Fuck Christmas. Celebrate with friends and family and loved ones for no reason whatsoever…non-occasion based celebration.

    I like those candy corns but in moderation. SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!

    i imagine it is a minor nightmare to be sprayed or have a dog sprayed. Evolution is a bitch. But that does not mitigate or alter the joy i take in those occasions especially at night when in or near the woods and i smell a skunk. It is what heaven would be for me if it were not a fairy tale. Scents are extra important in our lives. Even stinking christmas has scent that are associated with it and that would make the BS feel like something major is missing were it actually absent.


    I hardly register Halloween, except to give callers some candy or fruit. Christmas is seen as time off work and a few days to catch up with family. Ever year my sister sends me a card, I put it up over the fireplace and say to myself “Phew, that’s the decorating done for another year”. It is usually March by the time I notice it again. I often spend Thanksgiving in the US and stay for about a month. It is “my job” to help put up the tree in early December but that is as far as it goes. All my family are atheists and we enjoy the season without any religious overtures.

    One year I called around to my friend and we made sandwiches thinking no shops or bars would be open and cursing how disorganized we were. We smoked some of his “Christmas Tree clippings” and at some point realized “Oh shit, yesterday was Christmas Day”. I said, “As your attorney I advise us to immediately go to the pub and watch the horse racing”. He seconded the idea. (Kudos to you if you get the attorney reference). We won 6 out of 7 bets and we just about made it to New Year’s Eve in one piece.

    My problem with it is that it is a vulgar commercial enterprise. It starts the day after Halloween which itself started a few weeks ago.



    Show bets do not count as wins unless you are wagering against a bridge jumper, the chalk runs out, and your piece runs in for sick overlaid show payoff.


    A bookkeeper once asked me if I would accept a check as he had not enough cash to pay me (early one morning). I asked him if he would accept a check from me to cover my next bet. I called back that afternoon to collect 🙂



    Hey Reg, it is 2019 and you don’t have to depend on ahem…bookkeepers. Online accounts often have good promos for new customers in which free cash is given to the new acct holder. Many accts also give their customers rebates based on the track’s takeout and type of wager. I have connections to the industry leader in rebates so if you or anyone you know is a serious player contact me. I am not sure about non USA citizens but i will find out if need be.


    Yes thanks Jake, I will run it by some people. One is a full timer and “grew up in a stable”. If someone gambles without info or connections then they are a mug. We used to work with some Chinese guys in Oz and Calif. to lay bets for us and it was profitable for a while. I only played a small part and worked with him laying large bets. Tough work but somebody gotta do it!!



    don’t be an asshole !

    Isn’t that one of the most profound goals of humanism? And one of the great transformations in Western society since secularism began?



    A NEW LOW?

    Using a squash to torture animals.

    Just got back from the grocery store. Saw a display of pumpkin-flavored dog treats!



    Saw a display of pumpkin-flavored dog treats!

    You can feed a dog absolutely anything, and if you present it like its a special treat, they will take it as a special treat. We stopped buying our dogs “milk bones” as a special treat every other day. We got a different brand of kibble and gave him a couple as though they were “milk bones”. He was spastically exited every time we opened the cupboard we stored it in. You could likely feed the dog a kernel of corn ora block of tofu and he’d be extremely excited. I imagine pumpkin flavored dog treats would be a lot more appealing than eating animal shit in the back yard…which they seem to love doing.



    Dogs have extremely high incidence of cancer. i suspect most commercial dog food is dog shit. I wish we knew for sure but diet is perhaps a causal factor in their cancer.

    I have seen dogs who are kinda finicky and dogs who eat or drink anything. Instead of Christmas how about Woofmas day? Very few don’t love/like dogs, phobias notwithstanding, and no political or religious underpinnings. Dogs have evolved with us and are truly friends without the drama. Why not recognize and celebrate dogs as our best friends?


    The cat gods might not agree:

    “Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.”

    Hitchens, Chapter 1, Portable Atheist.

    But I agree with the sentiment.




    I had a darling cat who trained us very well to be at her beck and call and do what she wanted, when she wanted, only when she wanted and never take no for an answer. She owed us nothing and would give us nothing unless we gave her precisely what she demanded. A fantastic species really. They evolved in the most genius way. I’ll never own a cat again, but you have to admire their master plan.

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