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    It takes a very stable genius to announce in advance of the election that if he loses the election it is rigged. Anyone else would wait for the results and evidence of tampering/fixing for fear of losing credibility.

    I have thought for a long time that when it comes to religion there is no mythology so demeaning, so childish, so transparent, so absurd, so improbable, so inhumane, so divisive, so corrupt, so cruel, so divorced from reality, so backward, so inequitable, so destructive that it will be rejected; not when it is drilled into young minds and subsumes an entire culture. But now we have an American personification of that phenomenon without the early indoctrination.



    “The last questions are much more difficult,” he said. “Like a memory question. It’s, uh, like you’ll go, ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ So they say, ‘Could you repeat that?’ So I said, ‘Yeah.’ So it’s ‘person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ ‘Okay, that’s very good.’” Source

    What you have to keep in mind is the man was under constant threat of potential assault with airborne fruit.


    @autumnWhat you have to keep in mind is the man was under constant threat of potential assault with airborne fruit.

    If I were his advisor I would put his mind at rest (an awfully good example of an oxymoron, no?) by telling him that such fruit are no match for the Jewish space lasers.


    @jakelafort – Of all the things I campaign against, it is the indoctrination of young minds by adults with insidious religious mythology presented as truth that I most rage against. Even after just typing that one sentence I am already too angry to write anymore at present.  I could warp a crucifix at 50 paces with a look 🙂


    @autumnBoth running in the primaries, or Trump running as an independent with DeSantis as the Republican candidate?

    The primaries. It would be fun to watch…..if you like horror shows. I do or at least some decent anarchy in the “smash the system” sense of it. I might even catch some of that fruit (no oranges though) and sit back to watch it all on the day. Imagine both of them over 3 live debates. Go on, imagine it 🙂



    Thats’ kind of what is going on in Canada right now (though if Canadian politics are Dr. Phil [without the ratings], American politics are full on Jerry Springer). The Conservative Party leadership candidates are tearing each other apart. It’s put the moderate Charest neck and neck with the front runner, populist Poilievre. Should either be elected, they will probably carry some of that damage into the next federal election, especially seeing as there is a centrist option to the left of them and a fanatical option to the right.

    The next Republican primaries are bound to be claws out from the start.


    @popebeanie – The comment (at about 4:00) in the video about Merrick Garland being the child of Judy Garland is a spoof. I think Jon Stewart said it tongue-in-cheek. However I am now reminded of something my mother said to me over 40 years ago – “Oh, you would probably argue with the Pope to try to proof a point” 🙂




    “Oh, you would probably argue with the Pope to try to proof a point”

    Oh no! I clearly need to find a website out there that backs Jon and I up. This shouldn’t take long…

    While to be honest, I actually avoided watching Jon for a while after he said on Colbert’s late night show something like [coarsely paraphrased] “of course Wuhan released the flu, after all it’s called the ‘Wuhan Flu’!”. He looked so sincere and uncomedic, but maybe he spoofed too well there, too.


    Yes, I saw that Colbert show and also thought that he was serious. I remember thinking “WTF happened him”? I did not pickup on any hint of irony or satire in his expression.



    Well, accidents happen, and it is possible the virus was not contained by that lab. Yeah, of course tRumpsters turned it into yet another C19 conspiracy theory, but to me it does seem plausible, nonetheless. We may never know.

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