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If'n Ye Wonder Where The True Scotsmen Be, Here You'll Find Them 1, 2, 3!

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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    B’gosh! B’Gum! B’Gora!
    Truer Scotmen you won’t find more’a,
    Than the Three Gents a’eatin’
    Raisins, Rice & Rye!

    Like Tom Paine, David Hume, and Adam Smith,
    They piffle at unperceiv’d woo and myth!
    Instead they take on the trevail and myrth,
    That’s experienced on the Natural Mother Earth!

    So let us bid Superstition Begone and G’Bye!
    ‘Bye! ‘Bye! ‘Bye!
    And partake of the Secular Cereal called:
    Raisins, Rice & Rye!

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