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Mobile vs Desktop Issues

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    This is just a heads-up wrt considering whether each issue discussed should be written with attention to desktop vs mobile pages.

    For example, I would like to someday see nested (multi-level threaded) replies, but how they should be displayed will depend (at least) on the user’s screen size. One needs to see several posts at once to visualize a nested structure… difficult or impossible to do, the smaller the screen.

    Possible, partial solutions for smaller screens (which could still be useful for larger screens):

    • A bubble (visible when one’s mouse pointer is over a specific icon) that just displays an “in response to post blah blah)”
    • A popup that shows more detail and includes link(s) to the staircase of replies it belongs to. Or it could have less detail, appear more skeletal, only showing the parent comment number(s) with link(s).

    By the way, most likely Umar has thought of these things, or may ask us for input if/when he’s ready to test or install a specific feature. This stuff does take work, over time… unless someone pays someone else to get it done.

    Meanwhile, AZ mobile pages already work much more smoothly than TA’s, eh?!

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