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    RSS Readers (including Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant)

    Just for starters… I’m happy with QuiteRSS on Windows for now. I can see what’s new in my AZ groups, news on other websites, blogs, and even some podcasts (although a podcast app is recommended if you’re serious).

    Note, meanwhile, that on the download page, on the right side, there is a list of other RSS apps that look (to me) to be the most popular, and googling them might help you decide on one you prefer. Off the top of my pointy head, here is an overview of some of them:


    Or download QuiteRSS from this page, which is what I use.

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    • From Plum Head:
      • Plum Head – RSS voice reader
      • Listen to news feeds on your smart speaker using Alexa
      • Google Assistant and Siri versions are coming soon

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    Windows: Hmm, could use some help here, as I’m all Android on these.

    Mac: iTunes, just don’t ask me anything about it.

    Android (from most used favorite to least used)

    • Podcast Addict (I’ve used the paid version for years now)
    • Playapod
    • AntennaPod
    • TuneIn used to be good, but now I’m reading bad reviews
    • Some podcast players can also play radio station
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