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Sunday School 17th April 2022

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    Happy Easter Bunny Day but should atheists refrain from mocking Easter out of respect for Christians?

    Why Is the Christian Right bringing back Anti-Gay talking points? Maybe they are been groomed by Huggy Wuggy who whispered it into their ears?

    LGBTQ college students allege discriminatory treatment at Christian schools.

    Maybe the steady decline of religiosity has boosted support for Christian nationalism?

    Georgia Republican candidate Kandiss Taylor has no chance of been elected even with the support of Jesus while in Tennessee Senator Niceley finds Hitler had some redeeming features.

    Atheism in Kenya: why accurate numbers are hard to come by.

    The dangerous rise of Islamic blasphemy laws. Poland is looking to impose three-year jail term for insulting the Catholic Church or interrupting mass. Guess I won’t be opening my Virgin Mary  toilet roll factory there so. Szatan żyje!

    Men are less religious in more gender-equal countries.

    World of Woo: Facilitated Communication is still pseudoscience.

    Environment: Record-breaking simulation hints at how climate shaped human migration.

    Recent developments in physics suggest the non-existence of time is an open possibility.

    Mutations across species reveal clues to aging.

    I make a point of watching out for these techniques to make shopping less boring.

    Einstein wasn’t a “lone genius” after all.

    Physical fatigue is in the brain as much as in the body.

    Long Reads: A couple who fled Mariupol ‘hell’ tell the city’s story. Atheism is not as rare or as rational as you think. How the Right is bringing prayer back into public schools. The Supreme Court’s “praying coach” case, explained. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Some thoughts on our Origin story.

    Sunday Book Club: Otherlands: A World in the Making.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video: Royal Institute: The Search for a Theory of Everything. Why I’m an Atheist.  Helping Ex-Muslims flee from the Religion of Peace. Atheist Debates – Equivocating on Faith. The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Iceberg Explained.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Reg and Fellow Unbelievers,

    Happy Nonexistent Zombie Jesus’ Re-Birthday! (Along with the other Zombies that revived with him according to Matthew 27:52-53. Funny, there aren’t any tombstones or birth certificates with three dates around to confirm this. And did they get re-circumcised too? Ouch!)

    On a more pleasant note, here’s some funny ways to Keep the ‘Ease’ in ‘Easter’ with the help of scientific inquiry and experimentation! 😁

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    What a wonderful point Reg



    Thanks for sharing my friend. I enjoy your humor, it’s always a delight to read your posts.



    Hey thanks, Reg!



    I apologize, Reg. It looks like my censorship thread hijacked Sunday School. Hopefully, the others will do as I am doing and come over to dig through this week’s Sunday goodies.



    Can the GOP f… um screw up what should be a GOP rout in November? They sure can if they run on Trump’s stolen election trope, as Colorado seems to show, where the leading (and it seems only remaining) GOP gubernatorial candidate goes full Trumpist, even claiming that Trump won Colorado, where in reality he lost by more than 13 points.

    Read Colorado GOP Shows Republicans How They Can Screw Up 2022




    I read through the article on the nonexistence of time with great interest and when I was done I asked myself “If duration doesn’t exist, and I read that article, what just didn’t happen?”

    Also, at the end the article it says Perhaps what physics is telling us, then, is that causation and not time is the basic feature of our universe.

    If that’s right, then agency can still survive. For it is possible to reconstruct a sense of agency entirely in causal terms.

    That guy knows nothing about the problem of free will, does he? Causation, for many who deny free will, is the very reason it doesn’t exist.




    I encountered a bit of Woo in my grocer’s cooler the other day:

    A bottle of Health-Ade Kombucha Cayenne Clense!×600.png

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like a sprinkling of Cayenne on my eggs and in meat dishes, so I have no problem with Cayenne per se.

    But this product is a big bottle of a liquid concoction with the words “Cayenne” and “Clense” on the label!

    Prima Facie…Ipso Facto…A Priori…The thing speaks for itself…No further study required…Hell No!

    You can just tell by looking that one Teaspoon of this stuff…administered in any way imaginable…would lead to a hemorrhoidal death too horrible to even contemplate!

    When I seen and read the bottle, every orifice of my body just shriveled up and I had to run to the restroom to make sure I was still what the old folks used to call “regular.” 🧓👵

    I’ll just keep my Cayenne to reasonable levels and use gentler ways like oatmeal to get out anything not needed, thank you very much! 😁

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    Thanks for sending along some new Polish vocabulary. Another addition to my foreign language notebook.

    (I once gathered packages with foreign languages, but that hobby got too bulky. The jackpot was a Dollar Tree box of breadsticks with ingredients in 22 languages, all Continental and Mediterranean, obviously an EU product. Noyce.)


    @Encog – Anytime I see Woo Water on sale I demand to know from the retailer if it contains any Di-hydrogen monoxide and if so WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT.

    Well…..not every time but if I know a local shop is peddling it and I am in the mood to be daft for awhile I will leave them a copy of this form on the way out. Yes, I am the guy that moves copies of “God is not Great” or “The God Delusion” into the religion and Bible sections in the library or bookshops. I never let the chance to help someone slip by! If any staff complains I tell them they have faulty dictionaries on sale. Some of them have omitted to include the word gullible. The very nilility of it!

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