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Sunday School 19th December 2021

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    Fewer adults than ever believe in imaginary gods. For atheists getting married and breeding does not make for a better society. If the trope about atheism being a religion were true then atheists would constitute the largest religious group in the U.S. That’s worth another look. We are also the group most likely to be vaccinated.

    But one adult who still has an imaginary friend tells children that Santa does not exist. Not so far away from there a woman suffering from a psychiatric problem is given an exorcism to rid her of demonic influences.

    At least 200 people were enslaved by the Jesuits in St. Louis. Candide would not have been surprised.

    SCOTUS is no longer the guardian of separation of Church and State as it attempts to redefine religious neutrality as religious discrimination.

    South Dakota’s Republican Gov. Kristi Noem wants prayer back in schools.

    World of Woo: Some skepticism lessons from the world of Woo.

    Environment: Ice shelf holding back keystone Antarctic glacier is within years of failure.

    Remembering Christopher Hitchens who died 10 years ago. He would be amused to know that he died on the same day that the Iraq War officially ended. Does he have an afterlife existence?

    Anti-5G necklaces found to be radioactive. Why don’t they just stick to wearing tinfoil hats? Its education about conspiracy theories that many people need.

    Debating ethics with an A.I. (see also long reads article below).

    The universe is expanding faster than predicted.

    Did life arise on hydrogen energy?

    There never was a “population bomb”

    Physics World Top 10 breakthroughs of the Year.

    “Jeopardy” shows that the Woke have won.

    5 critical moments will determine the success or failure of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

    Long Reads: How to pray to a dead God. How supernatural beliefs allowed societies to bond and spread. What does it mean for AI to Understand? Unmaking a murderer. Our innate ideas prevent us seeing what is innate in human nature. They went to Bible College to deepen their Faith. Then they were assaulted—and blamed for It.

    Sunday Book Club: Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Is there an Afterlife? A debate with Christopher Hitchens.  TedTalk – Brevity is the true soul of persuasion (I once worked in that school). The dream of educating Afghan girls lives on.


    Have a great week everyone!

    Merry Christmas to all (now that we are allowed to say it again)!!



    Thanks, Reg!


    Belle Rose

    I agree! Brevity confused people 😂 😂 😂

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