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Sunday School 29th August 2021

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    It is my sincerely held belief that vaccine exemptions on religious grounds are suicide notes and there are plenty of Liars for Jesus who will sign off on them, even for children. Of course, when a plague of Christian parents parades their ignorance at school board meetings you can only feel sorry for their children. These are the people the CDC has to ask not to eat horse deworming tablets.

    A deluded pastor in Zambia stays dead after three days in the grave.  Some atheists prefer to go champing for weekend instead.

    The Vatican disciplines a retired archbishop by not letting him work.

    Fewer people are believing in God – but it’s not because of science.

    American Atheists must have worn out many pairs of shoes on their way to court to stop the immoral and unconstitutional cases of discrimination by Christians.

    World of Woo: Immune boosting supplements.

    Environment: Climate change induced famine.

    Navigating the wasteland of disinformation in the news ecosystem.

    Staunch atheists show higher morals than the proudly pious. This is no surprise to anyone here.

    Is it ethical to release music by deceased artists?

    The acceptance of Evolution has evolved to the point where the majority of Americans understand it to be the truth.

    Quantum Mechanics alone does not explain the Universe.

    The “Great Unconformity” would be a good song title for any rock star.

    The role of dopamine in consciousness will give your brain something to think about.

    The Social and Environmental perils of Magical Thinking.

    Long Reads: The subtle influence of the Moon on Earth’s weather. These 7 “Star Trek” technologies may soon become Reality. Afghanistan’s Uyghurs fear the Taliban, and now China too. There’s (a Lot) more to George Orwell than Nineteen Eighty-Four. How the heroin trade explains the US-UK failure in Afghanistan. Trees and animals depend on salmon as much as people do. The joy of being animal.

    Who was Lucille Times?

    Sunday Book Club:  Why Orwell Matters. (Yes, I’ve been watching Hitchens on YouTube again).

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Podcast: The Science of human limits.

    Coffee Break Video:  American Sunday School Lesson. True believers explain how Trump will be reinstated as president. Christopher Hitchens – On Morning Joe discussing Afghanistan [2008].


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks, Reg!


    As always, you are very welcome Strega 🙂

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