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Sunday School 3rd October 2021

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    The main reason Jesus has not yet returned is because people aren’t donating enough money says this Liar for Jesus.

    The largest pedophile club in France should be immediately shut down and most of its 3,000 members should be charged with crimes against humanity. Its assets should be sold and all monies should be given to its more than 10,000 victims. Whatever remains standing should be burnt to the ground.

    Atheism among Muslims Is “Spreading Like Wildfire”.

    Russia bans some more bullshit. But there are restrictions on religion around the world.

    White Evangelicals are America’s most anti-trans demographic, But encouraging data overall.

    The Supreme court cannot test the truth of religious beliefs. It can only attempt to determine if they are sincerely held. Yeah, the words of Christian prophets will be written on the ICU walls.

    I never care how uneasy my atheism can make believers in any god feel but I am happy to see they are OK with “Humanism”.

    A Belgian court upholds a ban of the barbaric ritual slaughter of animals by the religious.

    Ron DeathSantis appoints a new Florida state surgeon general.  I wonder if some Republicans have shares in funeral homes?

    Respectfully discussing atheism – an opinion.

    What happened when Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to be humorous?

    A shout out to the Santa Clarita atheists and Freethinkers for walking the walk.

    World of Woo: The Quackademia convention in Nashville.

    Environment: The Earth Is ‘Dimming’ as the planet warms up.

    “All science is a form of violence against common sense,” said Richard Dawkins at a Beatty lecture.

    Gibraltar cave discovery could shed light on Neanderthals’ culture.

    Monkey See, Monkey Do.

    What’s in Covid-19 vaccines?

    Long Reads: The War on Wikileaks. Three reasons “You” won’t return after you die. Could there be a parallel universe identical to our own? Do we need a reason to be rational when nobody is perfectly rational? At Moody Bible Institute, purity culture and complementarianism have worked together to forgive abusers and punish the abused. What is Love?

    Today is International Soheil Day.

    Sunday Book Club:  Know Thyself, The Science of Self-Awareness.

    Some photographs taken last week. Nature Conservancy photo winners for 2021.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Podcast: A discussion on the neuroscience of belief change.

    Coffee Break Video:  Why humans evolved to be lazier than our ancestors. Tolerance and an open mind are the values this family aspire to keep alive. How conspiracy theories “infiltrated” the wellness community. Which religion worships the true god?


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thank you, Reg!


    Thanks Strega!




    among the wealthier nations, we have had the worst. Why?

    In the beginning of the pandemic, “Trump assured Americans, ‘We’re very, very ready for this, for anything.’

    “Then he held aloft a report co-produced by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security ranking 195 countries on their readiness to confront a pandemic.

    “’The United States,” he said, “is rated number one most prepared.’”

    From then onward, he engaged in his typical denial, wishful thinking, lying, misinformation, disinformation, and outright obstruction.

    “What the index could not have predicted — what stunned the nation’s public health experts as months passed — was America’s lethargic and inconsistent response, and its failure to follow basic precepts of its own pandemic playbook.

    “‘It’s not that the index measured anything inappropriately, it’s that none of it was acted on,’ said Joe Smyser, CEO of the national health care nonprofit Public Good Projects. ‘I don’t think we’ve ever failed on this scale. The level of failure is almost inconceivable.'”


    It’s all about the Delta strain now and any newer variants that might evolve.

    Ireland is doing well now. The figure in the table of 72.5% is for the entire population but it is over 92% for full vaccinated for those aged 18 and over.  All my family and friends in the USA are also fully vaccinated.




    At least some of the disinformation about the disease didn’t emanate from The White House.

    From the linked article:

    Though Soviet propaganda made ready use of print and broadcast media, the advent of internet-based social media such as Twitter and Facebook have offered authoritarian governments new opportunities to promote disinformation through multi-dimensional influence campaigns. These practices have included:

    Establishing false persona(inauthentic actors) on social media

    Creating online social communities, such as Facebook groups, organized around political issues or other values (e.g., pro-gun rights groups, anti-racists, militant environmentalists), often by exploiting the hyperlinks and “like” features of software algorithms that reinforce messaging

    Mobilizing so-called “troll farms” of hired shift workers, often physically co-located, who manually engineer mass social media disinformation campaigns; one of the best known of these is the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency

    Using automated social media accounts (“bots”) that employ algorithms to rapidly disseminate messages that can overshadow other narratives

    Using microtargeting to target messages for precise groups (e.g., communicating one message to right-wing populists and another to left-wing anarchists

    Undermining trust in government messaging, independent journalists, and established media sources to create space for false messages (i.e., to support the idea that there are no objective facts and that all truth is relative)

    Exacerbating or engineering internet conflicts to boost audience attention and promote divisions among targeted audiences

    Malign actors combine these techniques in comprehensive, state-sponsored information operations.

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    More evidence of just how bad FB is when to comes to Democracy.




    It can’t feed on outrage if you aren’t on it.  I only joined them for a grand total of 3 days many years ago.  The only thing they have from me is a dead e-mail address.

    I feed my own outrage and feed it very well, thank you much, Mr. Zuckerberg.



    erratum: the figure for the number of estimated victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests I listed in the second link above is wrong. 10,000 is a sickening number and difficult to comprehend. It is now reported to be around 330,000 victims. But not all of the 3,000 perpetrators were Catholic priests. Only about 2,000 of them were. The other 1.000 were just ordinary Catholics.

    Elsewhere in the appalling world of religion, the Hillsong Church founder denies concealing child abuse.

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