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Sunday School February 23rd 2020

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    Good news to start with: Christian lawmaker blames atheists & gays for Twitter poll disaster.

    The Georgia adoption bill shows right and wrong way to argue for religious liberty. I wonder if the TST could help them work it out?

    Donald Trump, the perfect man who has done more for Christianity than Jesus, is to visit India to discuss Religious Freedom with PM Narendra Modi. Yes, indeed.

    Paula White, the anointed one who said the Lord told her to help Trump know God.

    A Catholic British MP backs anti-gay hate preacher Franklin Graham. The problem with people who bring religion to their politics is that they’re obsessed with sex.

    Barna Report: What is on the minds of American pastors?

    Blasphemy ‘is no crime’, says Macron amid French girl’s anti-Islam row.

    Bible college and former publishers plead guilty in $35 million fraud probe.

    One year after the Vatican abuse summit, the Cuddly One only scores a “D minus”. At the time of printing his father in Heaven has still failed to turn up to discuss the lack of progress and accountability in the fight against the clergy sex abuse of his other children.

    The peaceful Amish have a culture of incest, rape and abuse, like all religions do.

    The “In His Name is Flowing Oil ministry” is closing down. Darn it, I was going to visit later this year to see if it would open the zipper on my favorite jeans!

    This weeks’ Woo: The unreliable media.

    Climate Crisis: Antarctica melts.

    Pew Research: Key findings about Americans’ confidence in science.

    The Universe is expanding but hey, who cares?

    Four pieces of evidence have already taken us beyond the Big Bang.

    A skeleton found in cave could reveal Neanderthal death rites.

    How Roman skeptics shaped debates about God.

    On naming the Universe.

    Long Read: The unwelcome revival of ‘race science’.

    This week I am reading this book: Apeirogon.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video: Fake Christians with Mrs. Betty Bowers. How is diversity being weaponized?



    Have a great week everyone!

    An Evangelical caller recently said to me that religious faith is medicine for the soul. I suggested that the “Best before date” has long since passed and that he was poisoning himself by continuing the daily dosage. I noticed his face change color.

    Me, to a recent caller to my house.


    @andyhoke –  You know how this site is supposed to be about atheism? But instead it’s just religious about global warming? Can anyone recommend an atheist website that has a clearer focus? thank you.


    Thanks for your latest positive criticism. A quick count of the articles in today’s post has about 19 articles directly related to Atheism and the abuse of religious privilege in its various forms. There are a few more covering various scientific topics and one on Climate Change. One article a week is all it normally has about the climate crisis and I will be keeping it going as it is an important topic.

    I know you don’t think it is an important topic as you said the same thing a year ago. You are not being forced to read it. It probably annoys you as reading the truth and seeing science-based evidence that I first verify is not “fake news” before publishing can challenge your confirmed “denier” bias. I can’t help that. I won’t either.

    I will help you though to find another atheist website that your one positive contribution a year will be appreciated. There is a thing called Google that might help so you could visit here. Go troll elsewhere.



    @andyhoke, one of the most accepted pillars of atheism is evidence-based reasoning and decision-making. It’s a push back against faith-based belief systems and psuedo-scientific ways of thinking. If you know of data that contradicts the data and conclusions of the vast majority of scientists around the world, I’d be happy to hear about it. Emotional responses don’t add to empirical credibility.

    My comments to you about a year ago still apply, and remain unanswered.

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