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    The most comprehensive search available at the moment here on AZ is the Forums Search, which also searches Group Forums.

    Google’s search can be more flexible, although its results may not include posts that are less than a day or so old, and something has changed that make it less comprehensive than it used to be.

    USING GOOGLE SEARCH: Click on one of the following links, then ADD the word or words you’re looking for to the google search box:

    A couple of Google Search advantages:

    • You can narrow down and AZ or TA search results by clicking on the Tools button and selecting a more recent date range
    • The images search is awesome! (Adding search terms are optional and may or not help you find something in particular, so just try it and see)

    — P.S. —
    — The above links can be bookmarked in your browser.
    — For geeks and protogeeks, you can filter results by adding appropriate folder names to the search path. Examples (note that AZ and TA may use different paths):

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