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    [If you need help with the following, go ahead and reply with a question. This will also help me update this work-in-progress topic with more comprehensive instructions. Thank you!]

    RSS is an old internet protocol,but currently resurging in popularity. RSS helps one stay abreast with the latest posts, whether they’re listed at AZ, listed as mp3 files at a podcast site, or listed (using RSS) at any other website . I use it mostly to keep up on AZ admin duties, but I also like it just for the almost-instantaneous display of the newest AZ posts.

    Sample RSS buttons

    sample rss buttons

    See the RSS button/link on the Home page in this Tips group. (Scroll down that page to see it, then please come back to read this post!)

    If your browser doesn’t directly support clicking on an RSS button (i.e. it appears as a bunch of coded data), you must copy the RSS button’s URL to an RSS reader/app.

    RSS desktop apps I like on Windows, but also made for Mac:

    • QuiteRSS – Lists several feeds and posts on one screen
    • Feed Notifier – Notifies of new posts as often as every minute (adjustable in settings, per feed)

    —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

    If/when you’re ready to jump in indiscriminately, use the following RSS link to capture the most AZ activity:

    Find other feeds in any AZ Group, on the Home page for that group.

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    Sample screenshots from my desktop/laptop (display improvements to this post are still pending…):


    Several sites, feeds, and posts displayed at once:

    One post selected, rendered as a full web page:

    my AZ updates

    —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

    Feed Notifier

    A notification popup (with my chosen transparency):

    an rss notification popup

    In the QuiteRSS app, one can also log into AZ, scroll and jump from one web page to another, and post replies (when you’re logged in), either within QuiteRSS itself, or by popping out to one’s chosen browser.

    RSS also works on mobile devices, on numerous apps. Further details coming…

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