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    It is good to be oriented to the highlights of subjects like positive psychology. I understand flourishing to mean participating in what can be added to which is already happening in some existence areas. Happiness is depended upon sadness and when acceptance is being had there is no more sadness and then no more happiness with an outcome that is greater than happiness similar to joy. Once at peace joy happens again and again with the placement of knowledge or wisdom.

    I understand moral action as :doing what you know how to do: at peace which places you in the position to have “flourishment”. This is good, “The Buddhists say that morality leads to peace, and peace leads to wisdom.”

    Something isn’t always understandable to people about the future and this brings in the subject of time. It is possible to be in the moment and also kknow something about what is supposed to happen in the “future”. The whole reality is that everything interesting is happening now, but that is another topic on simultaneous and non simultaneous circumstances.

    It is true that science where there is different chemistry does not agree with each other and that is not where knowledge is interesting or flourishing.