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    I would push that button, probably multiple times. Like being impatient waiting for an elevator. The world for a short time would remain as is, but would change. Those of us getting shafted in this our only life by the rich and powerful would declare war and take the stuff the rich people have. The rich would be exactly as they are, greedy as can be. Some of them may claim to believe in god, but their actions show their true beliefs. We have only one life, and some people ruin the lives of others to make their own better. Take away the real world equivalent of the bunny farm as mentioned in John Steinbecks’ “Of Mice and Men” and things would have to change drastically.

    • “Those of us getting shafted in this our only life by the rich and powerful” Ahh.. another “millennial”. Here is your participation trophy. Sorry, couldn’t resist, I actually disagree with that stereotype.

      • I am not filthy stinking rich, because I follow the rules in life. I could go steal money like Bernie Madoff, or so many others. I could open a fake charity like the Clintons. I also currently live in a state over run by illegal immigrants. Most employers here have the attitude that they don’t really need to pay squat, because they can always find someone willing to work for less. I am leaving because of this problem. I just want a fair opportunity to live. Unfortunately, the ones that get ahead are not good people. They are looking to step on the little guy to get even more out of life. I am not a millennial. I was born in the 1970’s. If people were to all of a sudden realize how badly they are getting screwed out of their hard earned money, the world would become a different place.