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    Yes. A fitting quote. The cause of all pointless human suffering, is one one group of people dehumanise others. Making some people less than others. Usually the most vulnerable. Almost always by the most powerful.

    Religion usually excels at the dehumanisation game. Most especially abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism). Their narratives are utterly overflowing with hate, enslavement, despising others (not to mention rampant sexism, homophobia and racism).

    But the trick is….the first decades of a church in its infancy…is smiles and love and message of peace and a promised divine future with rewards and brotherhood.

    Once the church has power….systematic dehumanisation begins…and in the Christian church…this happened at light speed. So yes…there is no surprise whatsoever that the churches attitude towards LGTB was less extreme (possibly even tollerant of it) and then brutally bloody later. The fact that Bishop Keith Ramdass continues to dehumanise an enormous group of people (including a large group of his own religion’s followers) tells you all you need to know. They still have some power. They still dehumanise. This is the success of the Catholic church…the success Dr. Bob used to talk about.