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    D. Silverman fired….

    Update Regarding David Silverman

    • The idea that NGOs and Charities are made of optimistic, kind hearted, harmless do gooders is hopefully breaking apart. Most who work and volunteer actually are those things. But there are also monsters inside of them. Oxfam had volunteers in Haiti (and other countries) paid poor vulnerable local prostitutes for sex and there have been numerous allegations in many NGOs of extremely toxic working environments with bullying, overwork, sexual harassment and even rape. For those who still are under the misconception that sexual harassment and sexual assault is rare, not as big a deal as people say…and that the genders are already and truly equal and that the ol kind of ingrained discrimination is in the past…this is a strong reminder. People dedicated to helping others, even those who dedicate all their free time and resources to it and really do care about helping and making change…still feel entitled to grabbing what ever ass they can get away with and a load of other toxic nastiness. Their do-goodness is, as with many scum buckets, seem disconnected with their right to demean and abuse people…its two different worlds and they see no conflict between the two. They deserve B. If they do it and usually get away with it…imagine how bad it is for women Sports reporters, soldiers and first responders, steel workers and mechanics (and male ones too).

      I’m not surprised in the slightest that someone dedicated to criticizing the immorality of religion, and dedicated to promoting atheism and humanist ideas (respecting the autonomy and dignity of every human) has most likely, behind closed doors, when a worker was most vulnerable, mistreated or degraded them.

      We should not assume do-gooders are doing what is best for others and nor should we assume that an atheist/humanist (even their leader) is above average when it comes to moral scruples.