• PopeBeanie posted an update in the group Group logo of KnowledgeKnowledge 1 year, 2 months ago

    @unseen, I’m sorry… I did NOT delete the update that you posted a few days ago, but then in the process of trying to explain what happened, I DID accidentally your newest update, along with my own klusterf#^%Y of an explanation. This update section is frustrating for you and I both. So I’ll just post the explanation in again, right here:
    @Unseen, your earlier post is still here (at, just scroll down to see it.
    In fact that post prompted me to add to the FAQ in the Tips group a day or two ago, because even I’ve gotten confused by the “Home” vs “Forum” sections of each group. Please take a look at the last post in that FAQ, and let me know if it clears anything up for you, although it’s not just for you… this “usability flaw” in Groups (or whatever it should be called) has affected me, too: