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    My mother passed away today. I am extremely fortunate to have two parents who are deeply loving, caring, doting and supportive. I’m sure you know, as getting older, if you had parent(s) who had even one of the above qualities…you were an extremely lucky person.

    Some of their values pass on to you, and in other ways, they directly and indirectly help you develop your own values. There is no heaven and there is no afterlife. I will not join her one day. Nor would I want to spend an eternity under any circumstances (with or without my loved ones). The footprints my mother left on this Earth, and imprinted on me…will last for a long time in many ways, and the echoes of those footprints will affect many people for generations in all sorts of direct and indirect ways. As she was a kind, caring and generous person, I hope those footprints and echoes go on for a long time.




    Davis, condolences.

    That was a nice tribute to your mom.



    if you had parent(s) who had even one of the above qualities…you were an extremely lucky person.


    There’s a strangeness to losing a parent. In all the years you existed—from before you were you and through your most formative years—they’re a constant in your experience of the universe up until they aren’t there. It’s a natural expectation that children should outlive their parents—I’m sure most parents are thankful for it—, but it’s still unfortunate that we have to say goodbye to such loving influences in our lives even if we accept it rationally as an inevitability.

    Sorry for your loss, but glad you had her in your life all the years you did and that she left you with good things to carry forward.



    Yes Davis, condolences and I admire your sentiments.



    I’m so sorry Davis. Reg helped me a lot when my mum died, by getting me to go around her friends and learn new stories about her.

    I have to say, some four years later, that a few of those stories still crack me up – in particular the one where she was in the back seat of my brother and wife’s car as they drove in France and got stopped for speeding. Brother quickly told mum to ‘look ill’ so he could claim he was rushing her to the docs. The policeman came over, brother claimed his excuse and they both looked back at mum. Mum had achieved a slack jaw, a tilt and even a bit of drool as she shook.

    Both brother and policeman were horrified – and they got to drive away free, but couldn’t stop laughing at her impersonation of ‘ill’.

    So long story short, maybe try to learn some new stories about your mum 🙂

    S xxx




    Kind thoughts to you and yours on the loss of your Mother. I hope the memories she left behind are wonderful.



    Thank you all so much for your kind and thoughtful comments/suggestions!


    Davis, Sorry to hear about the passing of your mum. If we remember people with fondness and that brings us joy then who needs Heaven when their echoes can be heard whenever we pause to listen to them.

    @strega – You got me there! 😊



    Thanks Reg! Really appreciate it. I hope all of you tell a loved one today, something sweet or sentimental or caring that you usually don’t say. Just do it!



    @davis  I am saddened by your loss.  I, too, had loving, caring parents who are both gone now, so I can empathize with what  you are feeling.

    Grief takes time. Just stay on the course she set you on. I’m sure it’s what she’d want for you.


    Simon Paynton

    Condolences, Davis.  It must be the end of an era.


    Belle Rose

    Hugs to you Davis! Wishing you the ability to stop and think of her and mourn the way you need to, not according to anyone else’s script or timeline. I hope something comes from the process of letting her go that helps you become more of who you are! Hugs again! xxx



    Thank you all again for your kind words!

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