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    Johan, the prophecy guy goes by Michael. Or sumpin like that.

    The lesson i learned is that it is absolutely impossible to reason with an individual who is either medically or functionally delusional. In matters not involving the delusion the individual may speak intelligently and or be amenable to reason and persuasion. However in matters involving the delusion….fuhgedddaboutit!

    When someone is delusional he stays in the “loony bin”. We are not “delusional” because we life human live just as well as you. We use our intellect for human life. We are just not foolish in using our intellect for Relationships too. That only gives you “coldness”. For relationship you need spirit or emotions. And God has the Ultimate in Spirit/Emotion. So obviously you get the best Relationships with God’s Ability. And thus the Ultimate Fulfillment too.



    Religion chains people’s minds to the spot. It molds them into subservience and keeps them from thinking freely.

    Nope. You are using the mistake of some to judge everyone. It just does not work that way. Something is clouding your mind to make you say things that are totally against “good mind”. These things are evils spirits “chaining your mind”. All humans suffer this condition. You too.

    You can be an atheist or a theist. There is no middle ground. There is no compromise.

    Because my mind is not “chained” I will rather say like this. You also get those that say they are theists and have much atheists opinions and ideas and some are even totally lying. And vice versa of course.

    Religion has left no valuable inheritance for humanity.

    Not true. Because my mind is not “chained” i can see that many have taken much of the principles of religion and are trying to live a “good life”. Trying to forgive, trying to be more helpful etc. Of course they are still far from Godly Being.

    And then there is your human sinful existence like slavery that was revealed by God and corrected by Christians and the Atheists followed.

    There are those us that are shackled to religion and those of us who are so far removed from it that none of its superstitions pollute our minds. A much better world will exist when we are fully scrubbed clean of religious dogma.

    Those into the “superstition of religion” are Disciplined by their Father to get out of it. God is Real and only what is Real should be part of their Lives.

    Spirituality is a word that carries to much baggage. Feeling connected might be a better phrase. How do we know if we are connected? Finding a smile upon your face is a good place to start from.

    “Spirituality” is used by the Babies of God not knowing much. And Atheists that can not see the difference between those that know and those acting as if they know are taken captive by it and misusing it for their own benefit.



    Johan I agree with Jake. I think a psychologist would be the best course of action. Unfortunately.

    You are welcome to your opinion. Unfortunately it is not a Wise opinion. Because you are judging me on my intro without knowing much about me. But Wisdom is only a Characteristic of God and not inherent to humans. So i am not judging you for not having it.


    I really hope other Christians are reading this.



    I really hope other Christians are reading this.

    I agree. They should grow up.

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    Why is God a Dog when spelled backwards?

    When our minds are “clogged” by an evil spirit we speak and act contrary to “good intellect”. Thieves, rapists, murderers, anger, unforgiveness, impatience, stress, worry, irritation etc. all suffer from this situation. So when you are saved from that spirit causing you to “not having this knowledge” you will know the answer yourself.

    It can’t be an accident. There is design in all things. Is it because dogs are ascendant and humans are sinful and fallen? How dare we claim to be made in the image of god. Dogs were made in that image. REPENT!

    Sure it is not an accident. Evil is created by God for those that want it in their lives. But it is actually either reason for Disciplining when God is your Father or Judgment when He is not.

    And be kind to our canine friends because when the rapture plays and the dog has its way the slobber better be from your mouth or you will be chained to a tree. Also we ought to have motivations that are not strictly selfish so be good to your dog, dawg.

    It just depends now on God being your Father then you are Disciplined. Discipline is Love in action. It restores you to what you should be. But if He is not you are Judged by a Righteous God.

    So let us start. Which evil spirit is controlling you now?

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    @jakelafort – “We learn from failure, not from success”. Dr Seward, Dracula.



    Yes Reg, that is Seward’s folly. Lets see, that say that most of us will continue to make the same stupid mistakes.

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