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    They said the same about Jesus

    You are Jesus?

    Nope. The Mother of Jesus.



    I take Johan seriously in his assertion to have been “born again in God”, for all its florid celestial poetical abundance. I think it can be summed up in the Trainspotting catch-phrase: “choose life”. This can be applicable to all of us.

    I will rather say like this. Choose God’s Life. It is obviously the Ultimate.



    Yes, but “God” can be a way of getting there, like the Buddhists’ finger pointing at the moon.

    God can never be the Way for the humans to get there. God has to take you there Himself.



    There’s that song, Hope cos’ I’ve learned to cope.

    Those who see what i am saying will never try to “cope” this.



    How can belief in an entirely fictional entity be a way of “getting” to an authentic life.

    I agree. But when the Entity is Real then the Wise will leave it to Him to do.



    I think the message is simple: put the right conditions in place and we thrive like a flower in the garden.

    When God put’s it “in place’ then it is obviously the Ultimate Godly Thriving.



    There are huge logical holes in, for example, Christianity.

    I agree. This is because it is not founded upon reality.

    I agree. It should be the Result of a God created Reality.



    Simon, that is not a legit question. What sustains you as an alternative . . .

    Yep. The Alternative is of course God “sustaining”.



    Johan I agree with Jake. I think a psychologist would be the best course of action. Unfortunately.



    Simon, that is not a legit question. What sustains you as an alternative to seeking out the suicidal and encouraging those people to end it? What sustains you as an alternative to creating a mythology to ensnare the vulnerable and exploiting those unfortunates? What sustains you as an alternative to finding quick sand and seeing if you can drown yourself?

    Obviously God Himself. He is is the Perfect “alternative”.



    Why is God a Dog when spelled backwards?

    It can’t be an accident. There is design in all things. Is it because dogs are ascendant and humans are sinful and fallen? How dare we claim to be made in the image of god. Dogs were made in that image. REPENT!

    And be kind to our canine friends because when the rapture plays and the dog has its way the slobber better be from your mouth or you will be chained to a tree. Also we ought to have motivations that are not strictly selfish so be good to your dog, dawg.



    You don’t need an alternative to religion. Religion is the problem. Get rid of the religion and you’ve removed a serious problem. If you need a false crutch to get through life then you have serious issues you need to deal with. Millions of people around the world live totally fine without it. If you live in a western developed country and have an existential crisis then go see a bloody cognitive therapist…not a bloody Bible study class.

    Actually you have a one sided argument here. Many do live very “good lives” with religion. Religion to them is their mindset to help them sustain that live. Sure you get those that are totally derailed. But that does not mean the problem is religion. Because then all should be “derailed”.

    Having said this I have to add that religion is in the mind like any other human theory by which someone lives. Even you should have some theory by which you live. As long as it is in the mind where the mind governs then “good mind” always creates a “good human live” When there is a “captive mind” by evil spirits then “bad human life” comes into existence. When the “theft devil” captures the mind then bad life is the result of that spirit. And stealing what belongs to others become the life of that person. Ending mostly in the prison. When the “lust devil” captures the mind then likewise will happen. When “anger devil” does it, it is the same. And when the “religious devil” does it then it is also bad news.

    All of this mentioned is just human life lived. Lived by intellectualism vs animal live lived instinctual. This is why we are a more superior being because of our intellect. When intellect is overridden then bad actions happen. But there are also good spirits controlling the mind and not necessarily bad will be the result. When you love and it controls the mind then good can be the end result. Same with forgiveness and joy etc.

    The human is not just intellect. And intellect is not always the only motivating factor. And most humans move between these spirits good and bad that influence them to be either good or bad. That is just human life. Not just controlled by the mind.

    We are also emotional. When you are just intellectual you have an inferior human life. We need emotional/spiritual in our lives too. You call someone without this “cold”. Such a person can not go into relationships. He may have a “wealthy” live. But he will be inferior and far from total human existence. And as result total unhappy too. Because emotional/spiritual is a very necessary part of “good human existence” in the joy and happiness that is possible to them. Being part also of the spiritual/emotional realm that God created for them to partake of.

    Having said this we get now to Godly Life. God is not living intellectual. He is totally Spiritual. He is Love. We can say animals are living intstinctual and are instinct, human are living intellectual and are intellect and God are Spiritual or Love. God is Love. Living by Love. Love controls Him and we as Christians grow up to be the same.

    So we are still much intellectual and Spiritual. You will see the Babies of God fighting one another in their various groups. Still much human and not totally Love yet. But growing up to be more “Loving”. Until they are totally controlled by just Love. And intellect is just used for physical existence in a physical world.

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    Yes, but what sustains you, as an alternative to religion?

    An alternative to religion? That does not make sense to me. Any sustenance to be given by religion is based upon the false promise of religion. It might help people to cope but only in the sense that opium does. Both keep reality at bay. Believing that you can communicate with the Creator of the Universe and living your life in the hope of becoming an immortal is intellectually embarrassing to me. Any problems in life need to be dealt with in the light of reality and should be reasoned through rather than prayed away. This takes effort but we get better at it the more we do this. It leads to maturity and in turn to a reserve of “capability within ourselves” in the form of experienced based wisdom. That way, we learn to deal with what life throws at us. We gain a level of independence and resilience that the religious never get. A better way of saying that is that we become aware that we can depend on ourselves. OK, no person is an island but when we reach out to our friends for help, we are not going to drag them down with us because our feet are on a solid foundation. This is because we have built it ourselves and not outsourced it to an imaginary being. Religious belief is based upon ancient superstitions. Giving it credence because it has been handed down is not good enough.

    What is the alternative to carrying a dead weight upon your back? Get rid of it and you will learn to stand up straight. It does not need to be replaced.

    Anyway, I could’ve had religion but my little baby wouldn’t let me pray.

    Religion asked Atheism, Atheism, why do people love me, but hate you? Atheism responded, because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.

    You speaking totally from your perspective of course. That God does not exist because He does not exist to you. But not having met Someone obviously does not mean that that Person does not exist. And this is the heart of it all. Does He exist or not. Because if He does it creates a serious problem in your intellect. And that is why you mostly try to proof that He does not exist.

    This is of course the heart of it all. If He does exist why has some not met with Him?

    Let us take your situation. You are “self sustained”. You don’t need Him. And you don’t want Him to exist. So He is not going to force Him on you. That is just not Love. Nobody makes His Presence known when it is not desired. That is just the best for you. And God always does what is best for everyone.

    Now I am different. I want Him in my Life. I want to Love Him. And I want to Love Him more and more. And that I get. What I miss in the end of walking this road is not important to me. Love is. And God is. And everything that is a hindrance to this Relationship just has to go.

    The reason should be obvious. We are all looking for the Purpose or Life. We are all looking for the Fulfillment in Life. I find mine in what God is finding his. And I am not ashamed of showing you where it is. Because I Love humans in God’s Love and want to assist them in finding Godly Being Life.

    So now you have to stand for your “atheist pain”. A “painful Truth is better than a pleasant lie”. I owe you the Truth. The “painful One”. Here it comes.

    If you are not embarrassed with where you find your purpose and fulfillment then you will obviously be able to do the same. Show us your life. But mostly humans are ashamed of their lives. And they don’t want to help others to see how they are living because it is no example. That is why you also get all the “nicks” and “anonymous” and “incognito” on the internet. All acting as if they are an “example” but all knowing that it is but an act.

    And this is what the Bible is. God showing us who and what He is because He knows He is the Ultimate. And why He calls Christians to do the same. Live “openly” for others to see what Life is with God in your Life. And that is what I came to do here. Be a Light to all to see and make the choice after they saw my “Bible”.



    I think it’s a valid question. I just came across this meme: “Doomer”. Who hasn’t been like this, or knows someone like this?

    We all need things to sustain us. What sustains me is researching about morality for my book, hoping it will get published, friends, family, getting high on weed and listening to questionable music, etc. It’s not a trivial question.

    If you are honest in what you are saying here then you are starting to walk the Way of God. Being honest about your life. For the sake of others you and others to learn from it. In this ability is the heart of relationship and Godly Purpose and Fulfillment found.



    Simon how is it a legitimate question when it assumes a fact not in evidence. Religion sustains us is hardly an established fact. In fact it is a great weight on so many whose lives are irreparably damaged and diminished. Many apostates report a great sense of freedom once the sword of religion is withdrawn.

    Furthermore as i intended to demonstrate with wacky what sustains you questions, it is arbitrary. Food and shelter sustain us. Wacky, unconventional or idiosyncratic are not the stuff of sustenance of the masses.

    Thus it is either a stupid question or a question lacking legitimacy.

    You agree that there are those that suffered under religion. Meaning it is only some. And it is not established fact that religions is doing it. Because then all would have been “suffering”. Religions is like any other form of mind teaching. Helping the mind to find good norms to live by. Only when it is abused does it effect people badly. Like any other norm too.

    But of course i am not really into religion. I don’t use it to derive norms from it. I am into Relationship with God Himself. To me it is not a mind game like it is for many of the Babies of God that are still very much into intellectual life and thus misusing the Bible for intellectual life only. That was never the intention of God. Relationship is His intention.

    So they are rather Disciplined by their Father for misusing His Word on Himself as their Father for their human intellectual life.

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