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    I had another lucid-dream last night. I have had them before…but this was not just any lucid-dream: this one was different: illuminating some of the mystery, and answering a profound question; and generating more questions?

    Have you ever wondered if you might “not” be “aware” you are dreaming in your lucid dream? You might just be dreaming about being aware.

    I don’t wonder any more if it was all just a lucid-dream within a dream, because last night I had six lucid -dreams, successively, in about 1.5 hours. In between each, I woke.

    Normally when my eyes are closed, and I analyse what I see in my “minds-eye” it is usually a fleeting, blurry image, (try to picture a familiar face with your eyes closed or open…you see varying degrees of blurry usually) but in a lucid-dream it is sometimes crystal-clear-detail; like what I see when I am awake. The question then arises: I can see where my minds-eye is located: (just behind my eyes) and that is a mystery, but how does brain matter (atoms) project a disconcertingly-unattached, and realistically-vivid image in my brain when I dream? A lucid-dream is a whole other level of clarity.

    So, get this; in between last night’s lucid segments, I woke back in my minds-eye view, and then was totally aware as my consciousness gradually faded back into the lucid dream…six times I did this. In between each lucid segment I lay there, eyes closed, thinking how weird this was, and hearing sounds in my room; and then I would say to myself “ok; lets try that again”. Using “breath-control”: that is, by consciously taking charge of an autonomic-function I can fall-asleep fast.  I breathe, a dozen or so times, and then I would experience a gradual fade-back-in from minds-eye (wake) to lucid dream segment (un-conscious but aware) and then back into minds eye (wake) six times, without ever losing the knowledge that I was “in control” during both segments and, oddly, during the transition from one view to the other.

    I have never been aware during the transition from “wake to dream” …it sort-of just happens, even during day-dreams. This time I was totally aware as the fade-transition took place. It was like a continuous movie-sequence, going from blurry minds-eye view to crystal-clear lucid-dream; like going from one awake-blurry-reality to another vivid-sleep-reality without losing a conscious continuity. So that answers the question if I am truly “in control” in a lucid dream. I never lost control for-a-second.

    Another aspect that was notable; as I faded back into the lucid dream I never knew where I would end up: I could not choose locations, but I could choose what I did: how I got around, and where I went. All six dream locations were a surprise. As I lay, eyes closed for a second or two between segments, I remember thinking “weird…I wonder where I will end up next time” and then fade-in to a location and take-charge. That is bizarre.

    Each location had no relation to the previous location (everglades, archeological ruins, a warehouse, a room, a factory parking-lot; were five I remembered) some held tests that result in eviction if not passed: tests I had failed in previous lucid-dreams, (like “no perversions will be tolerated in a lucid dream” rule ) and some, I gained knowledge of the entities encountered, (like how if they seem to be dangerous, evil or in-charge-of-a-situation; they are not…even the most sinister, nightmarish entities are helpless actors, effortlessly controlled). And more bizarre: dreams can be more like reality: sharper and more detailed, than what I can see when my eyes are closed.

    Then during the last lucid-segment my alarm went off and so entranced was I, by the whole episode, that I thought, “I should take the day-off work so I can go back again” to where-ever I was: I didn’t.



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    So this was a transcendental experience?

    What lessons do you take? What does it mean?



    I never really wanted to control my dreams, but preferred to try to understand or at least learn something from them, believing that they’re graphic representations of my subconscious communicating to my consciousness. Sometimes I’d get insights into feelings or issues that were previously eluding me while awake. I feel like I’m opening my mind to creative solutions, rather than trying to dictate them. But I can imagine how trying to control them could be entertaining.

    It’s interesting how different my dreams were while on the antidepressant Prozac. Some people get so upset with them that they quit Prozac. It was as if my subconscious was actively exposing feelings and situations that in waking life I was especially uncomfortable with, yet it felt like “we” (i.e. subconscious + myself) were working things out, making progress. Or sometimes not. I miss those strange dreams! But I’m fine these days, just wondering what most of my “normal” dreams mean, if anything, but sometimes the meaning is obvious.



    The only time I have lucid dreams is when under stress and they offer little insight. Breakthroughs do happen for me while quasi-awake….usually just before time to get out of bed. I watch our little rabbit sleep and it is easy to tell if he is dreaming of a field of carrots or a hungry fox on his tail.



    Funny you mention a rabbit because that may have had a lot to do with the experience at least this time.

    My sleep was disturbed. It was 4 am and one of my rabbits, who is real old and partially paralyzed in the hind-quarters, was in distress. So, I was sleeping in his room for the hour and a half before my alarm went off. Each of the six times I woke I was listening to see if he needed any help, and then used a mindfulness-meditation-technique to put myself to sleep: fast. It may have been that the “concentrate on your breathing” technique, normally used in that type of meditation to distract thoughts patterns, worked to achieve something like a transcendental experience.

    If that is the case, then the state of mind in a lucid-dream is the same state as what practitioners of meditation call “nirvana” …It sure felt enlightening and it was a place I could have stayed in all day. I have never had any success with meditation, (primarily because I only use it to fall asleep) but maybe all my lucid dreams, which stand apart from any normal dreams, are meditational successes.

    Maybe all my lucid-dreams (about a dozen) have come in the past during times I was sleep-disturbed and never knew it …at the very least they are a hell-of-a-lot-of-fun.



    Mike, i was expecting you to explain how the lucid dreaming relates to universal consciousness or some such notion(s).



    Well now that you mention it…I haven’t given up on the idea…

    …Had a burning bush appeared and started talking, had some entity given me some knowledge I could not possibly have learned in this life-time, had I awoken with the power to bring back the dead…I certainly would have posited this as evidence. Unfortunately, the banality of my experiences, even in lucid-dreams, (far-out that they are compared to regular dreams) were explainable by movie imagery and life-lessons …sort of like, the bible being the obvious myths and lessons learned by ignorant peasants, clergy and fishermen in their nasty and short lives: nothing God-like there. So too, where my lucid-dreams lacking qualities that, compared to anecdotes given by NDE’s, LSD/mm or DMT psychonauts and /or Gurus, make them seem mundane; (although some of the lessons, like “how to fly” being an obvious one, were learned by instructions given in previous dreams). A dozen lucid-dreams does not generate enough evidence, for or against the hypothesis.

    I’m not done with UC yet.



    So when we offer people our thoughts and prayers, is that a form of lucid dreaming?


    @davis – Only if your rabbit is called Harvey.



    I had too much to dream last night!



    “So when we offer people our thoughts and prayers, is that a form of lucid dreaming?”


    My rabbit is named “Harvey” so I can answer this…yes really…I have three rabbits: Pixie, Chichi and Harvey. Harvey is the old one who kept waking me up.

    Prayers=mediation=yoga=hallucinogenic experience=NDE=Tapping=Cybernetic Transposition=positive thinking=the power of intention=quantum field theory and the collapse of the wave function=the placebo effect=fundamental consciousness

    So… before you guys “hate” all over this (and me) …I will just mention “again” that I am only reporting what various, seemingly, unrelated discipline have in common …

    I swear I didn’t make any of this up…I can answer the question, but I can’t report all the research to you because I would have to write a book. Each topic can be independently looked-up, but I will summarize “in my own words” each briefly…

    I will start with “the placebo effect” because it will be the only one that you all have to believe in…it is “fact” by the standards of the scientific method: the only one we all know about, and have-to acknowledge is weird; but really, not well understood.

    -the placebo effect =the ability of the mind to cause radical changes in our physiology (heal itself) just by “believing” a cure was administered.

    -meditation =dropping down levels of consciousness until the “I” no longer exists, thus entering the domain of the Source.

    -yoga =creating harmony between mind and body by posture and breath techniques allowing a meditative state.

    – hallucinogenic experience =taking enough drugs to experience “ego death” and then entering another realm populated by consciousness entities who teach profound insights.

    -near-death-experiences =out of body experiences where individuals maintain consciousness and enter the “light”.

    -tapping by Dawson Church =a method he developed to create change in one’s body and mind though the power of intentional thoughts.

    – cybernetic Transposition by Stuart Litchman =the latest method used primarily by Silicon Valley Techies to get-rich-quick by using “chakras” to communicate with your sub-conscious mind.

    -positive thinking =long being known to create a life free of anxiety and stress and get stuff you want.

    – the power of intention =if you believe it can happen, then it will happen…the mantra of positive thinkers

    – quantum field theory and the collapse of the wave function =little understood but, particles in a superposition of several states get reduced to a single state due to interaction with the external world. This interaction is called an “observation”. Much debated but, possibly inferring a fundamental consciousness precedes matter. In essence; Physicists are considering the question “does consciousness manifests information?”


    -prayer =the belief that by talking to your personal God he will grant you favours… “ask and you shall receive”

    I hope you see what they all have in common, even if they do not…

    They are all in communication with a consciousness at it’s fundamental level. I like the term Universal Consciousness, but some prefer Source, System, God, Creator etc.

    This still may not make sense to anyone reading this unless they read what I wrote before…

    “…consciousness is fundamental (outside space/time) in the cosmos. Space/time (where we are now, and all life and matter in all the galaxies resides) is an informational construct that our individuated consciousnesses bring into existence. Our neural anatomy simply provides a temporary home for our consciousness; to a greater or lesser degree in all organisms. When we die (or disconnect from our biological hardware) our consciousness re-establishes a connection with the Universal Consciousness U.C. and becomes aware, temporarily, that we are a very small part of a cosmological entity; some may think of as God, Source, or digital system, U.C., etc. Anyone can access this Universal Consciousness by disconnecting in all the ways I have already mentioned…”

    The brain, through a conscious intention in the present, can cause changes to matter before it is brought into existence by informing the UC (which is outside of the present moment because it does not exist in space/time) of its needs.  I.E: placebo  =”this pill will cure me because I know it will” and it does…a statistically significant portion of “sometime”; prayer = “ask and you shall receive”; DMT =teach me what I need do, to cure my cancer; NDE =”show me the light”

    They are all in communication with the “Universal Consciousness”.


    Of course it is called Harvey. I must have picked up that vibe from afar 🙂

    The thing about the placebo effect is that placebos still “work” even when we know that the pills are placebos. They work even better if the person administrating them is wearing a white coat.

    I like your idea about “ego death”. It leads to the birth of wisdom. When you know wisdom no longer matters you might reach Nirvana. Though that might work for old hippies 🙂

    As for “Thoughts and Prayers”, there’s now an app for that.



    Awesome. I wonder if someone could just write a script and we can get every device in the world to offer us 1,000,000 “thoughts and prayers” per second for an entire day. Do you think God might listen and answer then?


    The angel Gary is already on the case but it is hard work.



    You will often mistake a shadow for your murderer but you will never mistake your murderer for a shadow. We have major cognitive flaws thanks to our evolution from sludge and millions of years of struggle. Religion, magicians, and fast food chains take advantage of our cognitive biases. Altered mental states will just take you directly to these biases. Probably the least reliable path to truth. Science bucks all these biases. That is why so many find it challenging and boring. So much like us to conjure up a load of bullshit,

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