Who says we're the only ones with compassion for other species?

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    This is a really cool story from National Geographic. It’s sad that this little baby baboon lost its mother, but the story is fascinating:


    The more documentaries I watch about animal behavior, I have to believe that humans are NOT at all unique. There are many animals that show similar traits to us. We are all connected. All of life on earth really is related 🙂

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    Talking about the total opposite, a friend posted this image on FB

    With the caption “All Lions are important”. It’s a parody of the meme going around that all lions should be protected per infamouse douchey hunter bribing someone to get the chance to kill an enormous mammal he had no intention of eating.

    While I get the humour…and we should have a far more realistic image of mammals (that they are incredibly sensitive with emotional intelligence yet can be extremely cruel and fierce with one another and when catching prey and eating them) I beg to differ with the idea behind the poster.

    Should mammals that don’t kill other mammals be protected more? Should all mammals be protected when they are in seriously low numbers? Does a mammals cruel behaviour…or how ugly they are…change in any way if or how they should be protected?


    Simon Paynton

    The whole ecosystem should be protected. It doesn’t depend on moral “deserving” cases. Who kills more prey, who cares? All animals need to eat. Even ugly ones.



    It would make more sense if we asked “Who says we have compassion for other species?”
    We have acquired complete domination of the planet in a very short time and any species that does not adapt fast to the environmental changes we make is doomed. Compassion is an attribute invented by humans, but I doubt it will play any role in large scale extinction events that will occur because of us.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)

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