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    More posts to come, just give me a few minutes to move them from the topic “Our Curated List of News Sources”…

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    WHO, during covid-19

    From https://who.sprinklr.com/explorer with a play button to watch history unfold. The default graph presents data as follows:

    • X = Cumulative Cases
    • Y = Cumulative Deaths
    • Z (bubble size) = Population

    To see China, the default graph is better than mine. I changed my axes (see the screen cap, below) to the following:

    • X = Cases per 1000 people
    • Y = Deaths per 1000 people
    • Z = Cases per 1000 people

    This spreads out the bubbles, to see more countries. To enlarge my graph, open it in its own tab. (The original came from a screen capture with my browser in Dark Mode, so your graphs will look white, instead.) Labels and other annotation are mine:

    bubble graph of cases and deaths per 1000, by country




    The default table shows USA at top because of having the most cases. But what I found sobering is a table of countries sorted by % of new cases in past 24 hrs. Third world countries look really, really bad, and USA is near the bottom of this long list. (Again, open the graphic to another tab to see it full size.)

    covidly.com list of countries, sorted by largest % change of cases in past 24 hours

    I don’t understand some of those country’s health rating badges. Maybe some data is sporadic and they’re more aware of averages, e.g. over the past week.

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