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Past Life Regression

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    I watched some early morning TV recently and tuned into an episode of “The Doctors”. I did not know much about the show having only ever seen it in parts before then.  I was not really paying much heed to it until I heard them say that “coming up next” there will be a segment on the merits of “past life regression” as a form of therapy. Good, I thought to myself, a science based program is going to debunk the myths about it and inform people that it is utter “Woo” and as useless as tarot cards readings or angel consultations.

    An expert in the subject conducted a session with some celeb I never heard of and I expected that afterwards the “doctors” would explain what was wrong with it. No. That did not happen. They were all for it. When interviewed the “expert” said that even if some people did not believe in “past life incarnations” that at least the metaphor of it was of therapeutic value. The “doctors” were all in agreement with her. Then everyone in the audience, to a big round of applause, was given a free copy of the experts’ book on the subject. It was probably an idiot’s guide. Join us next week for more important medical information!

    Then I discovered that Dr. Phil has a son involved with the show. Does anyone know where I left the keys to my spaceship? I want to go home now please.



    So this news story reporter  busted a palm reader bigtime….she was wrong about everything. Her excuse…she had inadvertently read one of his “past lives” and offered a refund…It could happen, right…




    Oh I like that, Robert!  What an excellent excuse!

    ”I didn’t turn up to the meeting because I was reviewing my calendar in my head from a past life”

    ”I thought I’d paid you back, but it must have been in a past life”

    “No, officer, I think you’re mixing me up with someone from a past life of yours”

    I will try it out and keep you posted!


    I think in a past life I was once a ladies field hockey pitch on a wet Sunday, on finals day. It was also the death of me. At least I really hope so.



    I was a flying squirrel lol

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