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Sunday School 12th December 2021

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    The Cuddly One is on dictatorship alert now that the War on Christmas has come to Europe but Catholics are too busy coveting each other to notice. Meanwhile a Catholic diocese in Michigan tells priests to deny baptism & communion to transgender people until they “repent”.

    In Pakistan, 7 members of the religion of peace are arrested for the mob murder of a man who hurt nobody.

    I was flying over North Carolina during the week when I read this article.

    Another Liar for Jesus is sentenced for possessing illicit images of child sexual abuse.

    I wonder who is on the Naughty or Nice list this year?

    Richard Dawkins has had enough of Creationism bollocks.

    Here are some of the silly notions Christians believe.

    Wisconsin atheist group gets council to stop discriminating against non-Christians.

    Atheists are viewed as less desirable romantic partners, study finds.

    Conservative Christian Supreme Court justice refers to the ‘Jewish-Palestinian’ conflict. SCOTUS is set to recast religious neutrality as religious discrimination and it also appears really eager to force taxpayers to fund religious education.

    World of Woo:  A shout out to the Australian anti-quackery group “Friends of Science in Medicine”.

    Environment: What will it take to end Deforestation by 2030?

    Are you looking at me?

    What is scientism, and why is it a mistake?

    We know how Time will end, but not how it started.

    What if Einstein never existed?

    Long Reads: SCOTUS case could take a ‘Wrecking Ball’ to Separation of Church and State. Misinformed pro-Trump counties now have far higher COVID death rates. ‘I don’t believe this anymore’: Expert explains what it’s like to escape a right-wing abusive religion. At least 200 people were enslaved by the Jesuits in St. Louis. Does DNA simplify or complicate Repatriation claims?

    Sunday Book Club:  Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future.

    Some photographs taken last week. Some striking images of 2021.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Is Reality a controlled Hallucination? The psychology and politics of conspiracy theories. How the James Webb Telescope will transform our understanding of the Universe. Are we thinking about alien life all wrong?


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks, Reg!




    I plan on calling every one of the businesses on the Liberty Counsel’s List.

    I’ll be telling them that as long as they don’t initiate force or fraud and offer value for value to all paying customers, regardless of creed or conditions of birth, as every good Free-Market Capitalist does and should, then keep doing what you’re doing.

    You are on my “Nice” list and just fine by me, whether you have designated Christmas goodies or not.

    And screw the falsely-advertised “Liberty Counsel”. That’s some shitty business practice if ever there was such.

    I’m kinda surprised that you haven’t heard or presented more of The Good Old North State’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson. Here’s some his latest ravings:

    This guy evidently thinks that our only divine purpose in life is to begat and bear young. I suppose he thinks that Straight couples who don’t have children or whose children have grown up are as “inferior” as Same-Sex couples.

    Of course, by his own admission, what he’s saying is equivalent to bullshit.

    If Robinson was a classic Fiscal Conservative, he would tell people that unless they have or can guarantee $450,000 liquid, fungible, cash-in-hand from birth to age 18 per child, it’s really financially foolhardy to have children. And he’d tell them to stay off the Government Cheese to raise kids and support lower taxes and entrepreneur-friendly regulation for greater self-reliance.

    Alas, in today’s post-modern, post-truth, “alternative facts” world, that sensible way of thinking may be on the wane. People in my State and my Nation deserve better.



    I’m kinda surprised that you haven’t heard or presented more of The Good Old North State’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson. Here’s some his latest ravings:

    “Ain’t no child got no business seeing no two men kiss. If they did, God would have made it that way.”

    The almighty gays: superseding God’s powers of creation through kissing.



    From the deforestation article:

    However, Lewis says there remains ambiguity about whether the pledge means “zero” deforestation or “net zero” deforestation. Zero deforestation would mean no loss of old growth forests anywhere. But net zero deforestation means old growth forests could still be cleared, so long as new forests were planted at the same rate. “The former is much better for carbon, and also much better for biodiversity,” Lewis explains.

    This remains my concern with many forestry projects these days. In Canada, managed forests are presented as a green alternative to conventional foresting. But replacing the forests that once stood there with newly farmed forests is not a one-to-one trade off. Despite the aim of reducing carbon footprint, managed forests ended up with net positive GHG emissions every year for just shy of two solid decades, likely due to insect infestation.

    Very likely these managed forests are still an improvement over old school clearcutting practices; however, they aren’t a perfect answer to the issue carbon footprint due to logging. As we continue along a path of increased forest fires and insect population bursts, these young monoculture forest are not going to be resilient and may become more of a liability.

    We have to reduce consumption and adopt a more custodial role over our green spaces, but it’s difficult to turn a profit off of that, so instead we’ll just keep trucking along as always and pretend that the dlimate is just going through a phase or something.


    Great to have an elected official who can take time out from his duties to talk about “church stuff”. Just another vulgar Christian. He was in the news after the Florida night club shootings in 2016 for other homophobic rants. Don’t expect any sign of remorse from him. I guess he spends a lot of his time thinking about the sex lives of people he will never meet.

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