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Sunday School 13th March 2022

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    A Christian adoption agency is not really concerned about the welfare of children.

    I don’t know any atheist that is surprised to hear that the mouthpiece of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill the Shrill, is a vulgar man. But just like Spanish Inquisitions, nobody expects a transhuman and medical-technical globalist monster.

    Televangelist asks followers to stop eating Chick-fil-A to “free 100,000 LGBTQ souls” while a Kansas math teacher and follower of Jesus wants children to suffer for her beliefs.

    Raif Badawi has been released from prison in Saudi Arabia.

    World of Woo: Dog food is not evidence.

    Environment: A global food crisis is looming.

    How to spot fake or misleading footage on social media claiming to be from the Ukraine war.

    These Ukrainians are stuck in Antarctica at the moment.

    Lost Continent discovered after 40 Million Years.

    Did the early Universe inflate?

    Analyzing DNA to create a family tree of everyone.

    Why reading books makes you smarter.

    Long Reads: The long, strange history of anti-vaccination movements. The Pathologies of Imperialism. Shackleton’s legendary ship, Endurance, is finally found off the Antarctic Coast. What is a Particle?

    Sunday Book Club: The Voltage Effect.

    Some photographs taken last week. More photos from Ukraine.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Podcast: The Russian War in Ukraine with Sam Harris and Gary Kasparov.

    Coffee Break Video: Militant atheism – A TED talk by Richard Dawkins. Three women who changed the way we see the Universe. Time for a walk around ancient Rome.  A two-minute ode to the Hubble Telescope.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks, Reg!!



    That inflation piece is quite interesting, as all of Sabine’s presentations are, but after all this time she hasn’t tamed that German accent one bit. LOL

    Some Germans almost totally master American or British inflections quite easily, but not Sabine.

    BTW, this video may be of interest to some. It turns out, she’s actually human!

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