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Sunday School 24th March 2022

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    “Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.” Yes, and now we have millions of hands. Let’s keep working them.

    Cologne Catholic Church funds paid for priest’s gambling debts.

    The rise and fall of Hillsong’s ‘hypepriests’’.

    Florida Atheist petitions to ban the Bible in schools.

    If Muslims started a prayer session on my flight I would react the same as I would to Christian Evangelicals.

    Ron DeSantis’s attack on Disney obviously violates the First Amendment.

    Trumpism is very much on the ballot, from Alaska to Arizona to Michigan.

    World of Woo: Methylene Blue.

    Environment: David Attenborough’s unending mission to save our planet.

    I know Catholics can’t be vegetarians because they have to eat and drink the flesh and blood of Jesus but it looks like Burger King is doing their bit to help them.

    South Africa – I was taught God exists. That is a lie — Here’s why.

    What happens if America’s Supreme Court overturns women’s right to abortion?

    Why not call yourself a humanist?

    Scientific Integrity and the Ethics of Utter Honesty.

    Ring galaxies, the rarest in the Universe, finally explained.

    A new dimension to a meaningful life.

    Long Reads: Is Virtue Signalling a vice? Florida’s great church property flip.  Global reactions to the Holocaust survival story, Maus. Climate change triggering global collapse in insect numbers.

    Sunday Book Club:  The Price of Immortality: The Race to Live Forever.

    Podcast: The future of A.I.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Christopher Hitchens’ final Interview (uncut). God is not a Good Theory (Sean Carroll). The War on Democracy – Real Time with Bill Maher. The man who accidentally killed the most people In history.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Hi Reg! Thanks 🙂



    Thanks, Reg.

    Florida’s hissy-fit over Disney, revoking their special status, hands Florida residents in the Disneyland area a $1-$2 billion unfunded obligation which will need to be resolved by raising taxes substantially.





    The Paywall Monster has raised it’s ugly head over the abortion story in The Economist.


    I was surprised for about 4 seconds when I heard about what Ron DeSanatized did. He is definitely biting the hand that feeds and money speaks louder than Christian moral values. It will be interesting to watch what ensues.  Bill Maher covered it on Friday night.


    @unseen – I have changed the link on the abortion pay-walled article to one I have in my “potential post” document.


    Ted Cruz was, as usual, very concerned with the Disney situation. He is wondering what would happen if “Mickey Mouse and Pluto were to go at it”.  I think he should be more concerned if Goofy was to join in with them. It could ruin it for them.

    Goofy once asked “Ever stop to think and forget to start again”? I think he should address that question to Ted Cruz. Funny how the GOP is so concerned with imaginary characters.



    @unseen – I have changed the link on the abortion pay-walled article to one I have in my “potential post” document.




    @unseen – I have changed the link on the abortion pay-walled article to one I have in my “potential post” document.

    That’s like “don’t say gay” Ron DeathSantis here in Florida. I guess it’s OK with him if we can’t get homeowners insurance…I hope Disney packs up and moves.




    In this scene from Soap, I distinctly recall Billy Crystal’s character Jodie told Jessica Tate that Goofy was Plato’s (Pluto’s) lover…

    But the Memory-Holing sons-o’-bitches at Daily Mail or some other censor in transit struck that out.

    Billy Crystal as openly-gay Jodie on Seventies sit-com Soap

    Of course, some people will never learn what censorship can do to memory.

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