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Sunday School 6th March 2022

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    Atheist Street Pirates are helping to remove illegal religious signs from the streets. Why don’t we all help out?

    This is a great idea – People around the world are booking Airbnb’s in Ukraine but not checking in.

    A senior liar for Jesus says Putin was compelled by the Christian god to invade Ukraine. Did Russians ever check under their beds for Evangelical Americans. Imagine looking under your bed to find Paul Manafort there with Rudi G?

    The Satanic Temple sues billboard company, claiming discrimination.

    Egypt proposes law banning journalists from discussing religion.

    Nonreligious Arabs protest online to declare #WeAreHere.

    A million children abused by Italian priests and it barely makes the news. Spain has setup a commission to investigate claims too.

    World of Woo: The Panchakarma Cleanse. I need a cup of Earth Tea after reading that.

    Environment: The IPCC, the UN body that was created to assess the science related to climate change has released its latest Assessment Report.

    Chimpanzees consider intent when judging wrongdoing in others.

    The true meaning of Einstein’s most famous equation.

    The many deaths of liberalism.

    Death: how long are we conscious for and does life really flash before our eyes?

    Do we really need Androids?

    Long Reads: Why does Christianity still dominate the Democratic Party?  Getaway Driver. The truth behind some famous urban legends. Uncausal Determinism – Why the future cannot be otherwise.

    Sunday Book Club: Life is Simple. How Occam’s Razor set science free.

    Some photographs taken last week. Some more from Ukraine.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video: The War in Ukraine could change everything. The infamous overpopulation bet.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks, Reg!



    “This is a great idea – People around the world are booking Airbnb’s in Ukraine but not checking in.”

    Reg, the link doesn’t take us to the story. It just reloads the page.


    Thanks Unseen, that link is now working. I have booked a weekend break that I will not be taking. 🙂

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