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Sunday School 7th February 2021

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    That is impressive, but if a Vertical Take-Off and Landing  (VTOL) rocket were to go to the Moon, to the Asteroids, or to other Planets besides Earth, the surface would have to be at least as flat, level, and stable as the drone ship shown in the video.

    In Geometry, we learn that there is no perfect straight line, perfect circle, or perfectly smooth surface in the empirically-sensed world, only in abstraction.  Therefore, any extraterrestrial surface for a VTOL rocket would have to be pre-constructed, either by us or by other intelligent beings.  There’s no evidence yet of the latter, so building the surface is up to us and the crafts we use to get there will have to be more like previous landing probes used in Apollo, Viking, and other programs.

    VTOL aircraft are very successful, but mostly because they run parallel to the ground and/or have broadly-spread landing gear.  Thus these aircraft have a greater foundation for landing that isn’t as dependent on the ground surface.  Perhaps that is the best way to go with VTOL rockets.


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    Also, it probably takes a ton of computer processing power, sensors, servos and gyro-thingies to make a rocket perform a VTOL.

    Performing aerobatic stunts is great entertainment and maybe could include space-writing for advertising or communication with ETs.

    But also, I would think all that technology could be used on life support for the crew and exploration of other worlds to find interesting and useful non-living and living things.

    There could be a place for both purposes eventually, but I’m inclined towards the latter purpose first.  As Thomas Sowell rightly observed, life is trade-offs.



    I think you might enjoy this video: Weekend at Jesus’s.







    I see.  The use is infrequent, so that probably explains why you are still able to do well on your runs.  Did you mean to call it the “dreadmill?” 😁

    Thanks for the movie recommendation.  I’ll add it to my binge queue.

    I caught Atheist America last night on  It was an entertaining documentary of Matt Dillahunty and his public access TV/podcast//vodcast program “The Atheist Experience.”  He always gets some funny Theists as his callers!

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