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Sunday School 7th November 2021.

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    The Russian Orthodox Church is back with a vengeance. The ultra conservatives want to turn Moscow into a Christian theocracy. Just snap out of it folks! Your god is imaginary!

    Whatever happened to separation of church and state and an upcoming SCOTUS case that further threatens it.

    QAnon should do their own research on who they listen to. They could at least ask JFK, Jr. for advice.

    World of Woo: Ten myths about the COVID-19 Vaccine for kids.

    Environment: Charles Darwin is inspiring a change in forestry renewal.

    Why does evidence matter so little to some people?

    Why are we drawn to watching violence on screen?

    “The General Index”: New tool allows you to search 107 million research papers for free.

    Does General Relativity cause baldness?

    The Kalam Cosmological argument revisited, this time by a physicist.

    Moral Molecules, a new theory of what goodness is made of.

    Long Reads: No really folks, all gods are imaginary and the delusion makes you dangerous and I also think that you need to shut down your Ministries of Violence towards Children. Why we may be radically wrong about the universe’s size and expansion.  A trip to Varanasi sounds enticing.  How to maintain a healthy brain. What is CRISPR? Machine Learning, Deep Fakes and the threat of A.I. hate-bots.

    Who was Bobbie Kirkhart?

    Sunday Book Club:  The End of Bias: How We Change Our Minds.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Podcast: The limits of pleasure.

    Coffee Break Video:  OK Zoomer with Bill Maher.  A newer conversation with Dawkins and Harris.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Have a great week everyone!

    U2, thanks for the good reads…I just calculated that if you lined up the dead Americans from COVID (head to toe), the line would be around 775,104X5.521ft/5280=810 miles long. How would that work out as a for walk of shame for anti mask morons? Bring good shoes.



    Thanks Reg!!!


    So far just over 5 million people have died from Covid-19 of which 15% are (from Robert’s data above) in the States. I am considering going over for Thanksgiving and will decide tomorrow based on the advice here.

    I do think we are in for a bad winter of new cases. I am seeing more and more idiots walking around with no masks and the number of infections going up each day. They seem to think the pandemic is over and for many of them it will be soon. It is not last years’ virus we need to be wary of. It is the Delta variant (and the upcoming Mu strain) we need to avoid. I am getting similar reports from California and Atlanta.

    I know most sensible people are still wearing masks and are vaccinated but it is the idiotic minority that are the problem.



    5,227 linear miles, head to toe (the US is about 2,800 miles coast to coast.)


    It is worth keeping in mind that the mRNA technologies developed over the last 2 years will save millions of lives in the future.  See last week’s video.



    It is worth keeping in mind that the mRNA technologies developed over the last 2 years will save millions of lives in the future. See last week’s video.

    Yeah, so promising. Except for anti-vaxxers, that is




    Kindest thoughts for Bobbie Kirkhart and her circle of friends and family. I wish all paths to Atheism were as easy as a long beach trip. May she live on through the work she left behind and through ours.

    Many likes for the Bill Maher video! My Nephew is about the same way. He went from Bernie Bro to Trumpista–one flavor of crazy to the next–in some amount of seconds in between 4 years and has throughout the entire process been a Peak Oil-er.

    (When I first heard the idea, I thought it was pronounced “Pee Coil” and referred to a spiral catheter. I winced in pain at the mere thought and said two Octaves higher: “Obviously, not ‘The Catheter That Hurts Less!'”)

    He also gets into a Theological mix of Postmodernism and Presuppositionalism and thinks “Scientism” is a thing. Rod Dreher is a favorite author. (Yikes! I hope he doesn’t take Rod too seriously.)

    He’s generally an affable and intelligent fellow, but as far as his likes in thinking, there’s something they say South of the Mason-Dixon Line: “Bless his heart.” 🤪😁


    I like to argue. I will often argue for the opposite viewpoint that I hold just to see if I can be persuaded to change my mind. Sometimes when I listen to Bill Maher or his guests, I think “Damn, I am unable to disagree so I must agree with you”. If you search “Bill Maher, New Rules” you might find an hour has suddenly disappeared. The 25 things” routine is severe 🙂 Poor Ted Cruz

    Rod Dreher. I find much of what he says is loathsome.





    Rod Dreher’s book, The Benedict Option should have been subtitled: Oh, Noes! The Obergefell Ruling Is Law! Lock Me In The Basement Before I Gay-Marry!

    I streamed a documentary on yesterday called God Save Russia, which followed Kirill, the top-dog Patriarch/Head Muthah In Charge of the Patriarchate of The Russian Orthodox Church. What I learned is not just relevant to foreign affairs, but also informs Rod Dreher’s own Orthodox affinity.

    Kirill not only wants to practice freedom of conscience after 70 years of Soviet persecution of the Church. Kirill is wanting to be a power-broker, both within Russia, and throughout the entie Orthodox World, and perhaps even broader.

    Kirill has cozied up to Vladamir Putin, so much so, Putin built him a palatial Church in Paris at Russian taxpayer expense (equall to $112 Million US Dollars!) Also, Kirill had a World Russian conference including Putin, Far-Right/Far Out Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and the Communists. Here, he spoke against da culture of da youts, same-sex marriage, and Transhumanism. (Obviously, he only wants us to have eternal life without the meat-sack and on terms to his liking.)

    Kirill also wants tighter ties with Orthodox Churches in Armenia, Greece, Serbia, Egypt, The Holy Land, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere.

    The 2-year prison sentence given to Pussy Riot for blasphemy and the latest law giving broader definition and harsher penalites to religious offense is just a small sample of the Church-State merger Kirill has in Russia and wants to expand further.

    A very informative documentary on an enemy of Secularism and Freedom not emphasized much even in circles friendly to these ideals. Two Opposeable Thumbs Up!👍👍




    I meant to add: I got my Pfizer booster shot today!

    As before, no waiting, no appointment, no fuss, no nuss! So far, no Big Bird feathers popping out, no 5G antennae coming out of my ears, no USB orifice growing out for Bill Gates to insert programming! Oh, and as before, not a hint of so-called “vaccine guilt.” Just got it like that! 😎

    At this rate, I’m a step closer to Tranhumanity! Maybe I’ll see our $29 Trillion Dollar National Debt problems shrink and disappear and we’ll have an economy and greater rationality to live for and enjoy!

    As Judy Tenuda observed:



    Yea I got my booster….not because I socialize much but just to feel better about doing the essential activities such as going to the dentist. Looking at some of the latest med-tech I think perhaps I am the generation born just before the great leap in human lifespan that gets crushed by the coincidental collapse of the Earth’s ecological systems.


    Next Thursday I might reveal the secret to herding cats…..if I can round up a few atheists first 🙂

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