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Sunday School April 5th 2020

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    With religion so long ingrained into society, religious words are often seen to be just traditional words.

    Once we made human sacrifices to appease the gods; now, we’re told, we must do the same to appease the markets. A country cannot be a world leader if its government is failing its people. This is what happens when an administration spends years attacking Science in the name of religion or when those in positions of power cause division.

    Many Christians think that because they believe in an imaginary god that they can ignore the rights of those of us that do not. Going to church does not make you a good believer.  Jerry Falwell can’t fall quickly enough.

    In Florida going to Church is deemed an essential service. It is not a service. It is a business.

    It has got to the stage where Anthony Fauci is facing threats to his personal safety.

    A new study of Christian Nationalism in Texas should be given serious consideration. The FFRF protests Mike Pence’s appeal for church contributions.

    In Poland, after a priest is convicted for raping a minor, the response of archbishop is questioned.

    In Canada a British Columbia imam has called for the destruction and elimination of “heretics and atheists”.

    Sudan plans to abolish the death penalty for becoming a mature adult.

    Brazil will be saved from the virus because Jesus is Brazilian.

    Could all members of this group please keep a count of the number of Christians that you have dragged to Hell?  Thank Satan for his reason and compassion in this time of crisis.

    This weeks’ Woo: QAnon, from Pew Research.

    Climate Crisis: Antarctica recorded a 20.75°C day last month.

    A few Cocid-19 questions answered. Did superstition cause the COVID-19 outbreak?

    Why Social Distancing feels so strange.

    Why is it so difficult to find Earth’s earliest life?

    Earth is the densest object in the Solar System… so far.

    A.I. decodes speech from brain activity.

    Why do matter particles come in threes?

    Sometimes the most powerful act of resistance is to do nothing.

    Long Reads: A complete history of Pandemics.  Sickness and Stoicism. Looking forward to the Future.

    This week I am reading this book but none of these books.

    Some photographs taken last week. Space photos of the week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  The Infinite Hotel paradox. The Solar System to scale. Carl Sagan – a way of Thinking. New Rule from Bill Maher.


    Have a great week everyone!


    Jody Lee

    “we consider the inclusion of similar words to be a ceremonial, longstanding practice as an optional means of completing an oath.”

    This excuse continues to prevent America from progressing…

    Folks like Patrick and Trump can sacrifice themselves and the nation would be better off for it.  Natural selection at its finest. Something tells me Patrick would redact that statement if he had to chose who got the ventilator…

    If Trump wants an American resurrection, perhaps we could go all out and make it a full reenactment…Anyone have a cross that can bear 250?

    “All those people you’re leading to Hell? You’ll go to Hell with them, and there’s gonna be weeping and gnashing of teeth, and they’re going to be looking at you for eternity, in a separated compartment, underneath this planet, and saying, “You got me here. You convinced me of this. You lied to me.”

    This is hilarious. The funniest things come to mind when I try to imagine this. If hell is real, at least my coffee will stay warm. And I’ll be in good company.

    For me, hugging has become a deeply rooted evolutionary strategy. And I miss it.  Don’t judge me.

    A Way of Thinking.❤ Carl Sagan was so wise.

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    Yes, the courts gave similar reasons for keeping monument crosses and even Confederate statues. They stated that they were “traditional” and “historical” instead and that a concrete crucifix was not just “religious”.

    I used the following line whenever I get the chance, when debating;

    Why do you wear a crucifix around your neck?

    To remind me that Jesus died for us.

    How is it possible to forget that as it is the core tenet of your faith?

    It is also to let other people know.




    and they’re going to be looking at you for eternity, in a separated compartment,

    No, that is for Catholics in Heaven, because they’re worth it 🙂



    Regarding the Florida MegaChurch losing it’s insurance …

    Why would a MegaChurch NEED Insurance?
    Wouldn’t an All Powerful Gawd protect them?

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    @jim – Why do church steeples have lightening rods? At first they argued against installing them as they did in Europe when the Church saw applying for insurance for your ship and its cargo as offensive.  If it was going to happen it was the will of their god so there was no point having any.

    When the minister leaves church to drive home does he wear a seat belt?



    Thanks, Reg!



    We sacrifice people for the economy, because money is god. That why we stamp “In God We Trust” on the almighty dollar.


    The tax exemption given to Churches is shameful. It should only be granted (if at all) to churches with incomes under (say) 100k per annum.

    I call most of them “Liars for Jesus” because their greed is disgusting. They are scam artists. Imagine if Church taxation was able to cover the cost to the Federal exchequer of the Food Stamps program?

    What if the Mormons tithed 10% back to the country that pays to give it “religious freedom”.

    Paula White, the “spiritual advisor” to POTUS is a vile person. And Christians can’t wait to send the money.

    That’s the problem with Christianity today. There are just too few Christians involved in its leadership.

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