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Sunday School December 31th 2017

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    The British public say religion and politics should not mix. There is a good PDF linked within the story. Evangelicals in America are facing a political crisis while white Christianity is its own biggest threat. Although nobody was laughing at the Religious Left in 2017, I think respecting the secular U.S. Constitution is the best way to make America great again. I could raise a flag to that idea.

    The FFRF asks the governor of Alabama to quit preaching on state official social media accounts.

    Jehovah Witnesses, like the Catholic Church, continue to sexually abuse children on a Biblical scale.

    This weeks’ Woo: Searching for facts in a sea of fiction.

    Climate Change: It is not a Chinese conspiracy. The local weather is not the climate.

    Is Western philosophy xenophobic and racist?

    Black secular teen activists are “un-bossed”.

    Egypt intends to control the minds of its citizens with religion.

    Religion may alter your psychology even if you are an atheist but being an atheist shows you that every minute is sacred.

    What is Moral Injury?

    How to treat conspiratorial thinking (the very thing they don’t want you to know!!).

    The object was identified as being from the New York Times.

    Have you given your genetic data along with your personal info to a stranger?

    The best podcasts of 2017. The Russell Awards for 2017.  The 10 most popular scientific research papers of 2017. Anthropology’s top findings for 2017.

    The top astronomy pictures of 2017 but I can hardly wait for what WFIRST will reveal in a few years’ time while not forgetting about the JWST.

    Some photographs taken last week.  1000 days of war in Yemen.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  What is the Dunning Kruger Effect? This twelfth-grader winning video is worth referencing. Atheist Billboards in the Bible Belt. Why Megan left the Westboro Baptist Church and the revolutionary power of diverse thought (my favorite talk of 2017).


    Happy New Year!!



    Thanks Reg!  We will celebrate Irish new year tonight, as it happens a bit earlier than Vermont’s


    Some of the best real fake news from 2017.



    Thank you Reg!!!!!! GREAT way to end 2017! Happy New Year!!!!



    That Yemen Saudi-Iran proxy war doesn’t seem to get much attention from the UN other than declarations. What a huge crisis it may become. Nevertheless, I would certainly be 100% against any large scale solo US involvement in that mess. Let the ignorant warriors of Allah do their thing. The US needs to just get off the oil and act only in peaceful endeavors in the middle east from now on.



    The moral injury article was deep. I’m gonna have to read that shit again.


    Tom Sarbeck


    Post traumatic stress is the mind protecting the mind after a mental injury. It’s no more a disorder than the body’s immune response is a disorder.

    The DSM was WRONG about homosexuality but many believed what it said and hurt many homosexuals.

    Yeah, I’m shouting.



    @Bellen – the Westboro Church TedTalk is very good too. Asking questions is good. Thinking about the answers is even better.


    Daniel W.

    I’ve been off here for a while and missed these sunday school articles.  It’s a nice list.

    I wonder what can be done to get evangelicals out of their silos.  Regardless of how much the rest of us demonize them, talk about them and marvel over their massive Stockholm syndrome, their influence grows.  We need some update of the old Radio Free America, this time not to inform those on the far side of the iron curtain, but rather to encourge those on the other side of the golden (Christian evangelical) curtain to learn about their own religion and about other points of view.  Can we use drones to parachute leaflets into their megachurches?


    Simon Paynton

    @danielw – I knew a “classical evangelical” in the US, and what can I say?  She is a really nice person, who really impressed me.  She gave me the clue that “atheistic radicalism” and “evangelicalism” are sometimes on the same page.  I have a strong feeling that that old-fashioned strength of character belongs more on the right than the left (judging from the apparent state of the Left at the moment).


    Thanks Danielw. I think if more Evangelicals listened to Megan, former member of the WBC then we might get somewhere. See the “coffee break video” above, especially the second half. I know a few Evangelicals and I have plenty of time for them. They are “good” people. There is no outward display of false piety and they know I am an atheist. Our conversations are always civil even if I speak with reason and they speak with tongues. The reason? We are all secularists.

    When I meet the extreme right wing nut-jobs I don’t try to deconvert them or try to make them into atheists. I just try to remove the hatred and bigotry by trying to bring them back to Jesus 🙂


    Daniel W.

    Thanks Reg and Simon for thoughtful comments.  I was raised fundamentalist Baptist, with evangelical leanings.   My small midwestern town is dominated by similar attitudes to this day, although my impression is biased and it may not be as bad as I remembered, or as it used to be.

    I agree there are evangelical people who think, who are not bigoted, and who are genuinely nice people.  I grew up with some, and it is a diverse bunch.  My church “family” was warm, welcoming (to white people), and just plain nice.  They also held a special election to determine whether black people should be allowed to join the church.  The answer was “no”.  They demonized Jews, thought homosexuals should be given the biblical death penalty, and regarded the Pope as the antichrist.  One could not play cards or drink alcohol, but there was plenty of that going on anyway.  Despite that, no one meeting my church family would get an impression of hatred, because they were gracious face to face.

    What led me away was first, reading the bible, and second, asking church teachers and leaders to explain what I saw as contradictions in the bible, such as discussions in the old testament about the sons of god, when we say in the new testament there is one son of god.  Also, about why the church allowed women to speak out and teach, when the bible was clearly against that, and why they prayed dramatically in public when that is considered bad.  Why was slavery considered OK, even by Jesus?  I asked about why their sabbath was sunday, when the biblical sabbath was saturday, and isn’t that one of the 10 commandments?  Not getting any answers, and having raging teenage hormones didn’t help.  Then in the Army, I spent 18 months in a Muslim country, and they were just normal people too.  Then I studied science, and that was the end of that.

    I think teaching the bible to evangelicals would be helpful.  Maybe that should be on the pamphlets, dropped from a drone over church parking lots.

    There may be a little self selection.  If you are known to be an atheist, the more rigid ones might not have anything to do with you.  Then you only meet the more flexible ones.   Not knowing the situation, I don’t know.

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    @danielw I’m curious: What did they decide to do about mixed people. You know with a white parent and one black parent? We’re Hispanics allowed in? What about people who were half white half Hispanic? What about people who LOOK white but are actually half black? (Like Mariah Carey)…lol….

    What if they did a Michael Jackson number on their skin. Would that be “okay?” Lol sorry just couldn’t help myself 😉


    Daniel W.

    @Bellen, I remember asking the question about mixed race folks.  They stared at me like I was being really irritating.  Actually, I wasn’t being obnoxious, I just wanted to know.  They said black people are descended from Ham, and subjected to the curse of Ham.  But Ham wasn’t actually cursed, and there was nothing saying that black people were his  descendents.  Plus, what about Indians?  Or Hispanics? Or Chinese?  I wondered if a half-race person was requred to marry another half-race person with the same mixture, but no one could answer that either.  As for whether Hispanics were allowed, that never came up.  There weren’t a lot in that town, at that time.

    I wound up being in interracial relationships for almost all of my life.  That sarted when I was a young soldier.  The lessons of that church didn’t stick.

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