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Sunday School January 28th 2024

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    WV wants to allow the teaching of ID in schools because it has evolved from being a religious viewpoint. That’s what happens when MAGA-zealots are in charge.  Reg, please stop overreacting!

    Maga World is a theocratic Plato’s Cave where the guards claim to be safeguarding the rights and liberties of the disinformed and misinformed MAGA prisoners (see the second photo of the week below). And by safeguarding, I mean taking a sledgehammer to them.

    But there is good news too as the number of nones is on the up but they will need to all vote to stop the End Times from happening but know thine enemy first.

    It is possible that God misspoke to this holy man.

    Iowa Republicans want public schools to hire untrained Christian chaplains.

    World of Woo:  Vaccine hesitancy is a politically organized movement.

    Environment: Beware climate populism.

    Can humans adapt to life in Space?

    A radical new way to describe quantum reality.

    The amazing helicopter on Mars, Ingenuity, will fly no more.

    Long Reads: What does spirituality even mean? Conspiracy theories and pseudoscience are hurting our health. The woman who spent 500 days in a cave. Mindfulness Meditation often fails scientific testing. Educational testing and the war on reality and common sense.

    Sunday Book Club:  Fluke: Chance, Chaos and why everything we do matters.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  The three wise men (see also some great video links on the page). How to be an atheist in medieval Europe. Who designed the cow?


    Have a great week!!



    Oh, I’m so very “spiritual”.  Isn’t it great? I’ve got a half dozen angels and a flock of fairies that float around me everywhere I go. It’s all so deep.




    Iowa Republicans want public schools to hire untrained Christian chaplains

    Would it make a difference if they hired trained Christian chaplains? It’s like Dawkins pointed out, their entire area of expertise is phony.




    Disinformation poses an unprecedented threat in 2024 — and the U.S. is less ready than ever

    If NBC News is so concerned about Misinformation/Disinformation/Malinformation (MDM *GROWL!* 🦁) perhaps they would have a bigger audience if they didn’t do shit like this:

    As Elie Wiesel observed: “The greatest enemy of injustice is memory.”


    @Enco – Would it make a difference if they hired trained Christian chaplains? 

    Yes, I “corrected” the headline because it is irrelevant as to whether or not they are trained.  Leave the kids alone!



    Hey, Reg, sorry I’m late!  Thank you!!!


    No problem Strega as there is no exam required to graduate from this school 🙂

    As ever, you are very welcome.




    I appreciate the modification.

    I hope also that the slash line also underscores thqt Secular parents can Homeschool and Unschool as well. Leap Frog toys, Cocomelon and Ava Twist, Scientist videos, and the laminated sheets at least don’t preach mysticism and nonsense to kids.



    Even the nearest of these technologies will take a long time to develop. For now we need to carry our Earth environment with us, even if it is within the confines of a spacesuit. But it seems likely we will find ways to adapt ourselves to space to some degree.

    Yeah, get on up there Elon. Ever pull up his Twitter page? The Elon worship that goes on there is obscene. What is wrong with these minions who have a need to worship someone. Sometimes I think it might better that they worship some fake god instead of a real person like Elon, Trump, Hitler, Kim Kardasian or Kim Jong Un. FFS.




    If Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars, he would need ‘way more scratch than what he has now. I say he should start making this scratch by first creating an all-satellite-based Internet.

    It would make the cable companies and trans-oceanic cables obsolete and it would make censorship almost impossible unless the world’s tyrannies wanted to try shooting satellites down. (Maybe Russia, Red China, Pakistan, and India would get crazy and waste their entire nuclear arsenals doing so. We could only hope.)

    Also, all-satellite Internet would make Internet connection seamless in the biggest metropolis, the Veldts of Africa, and in Antarctica! And with a trap-line of satellites it could even go wherever humans go in space, and thus could follow us to the Moon, Mars, and anywhere else! This would also make cyber-avatars easier to operate with less risk of disconnect!

    Once Muskie has augmented his fortune with all-satellite Internet, then he could start building the rest of the infrastructure for life in space.

    And if Elon Musk isn’t that big on foresight, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, or any other of the worlds Multi-Billionaires would be happy to fill that niche. (Branson will hopefully have played catch-up from 20 years ago, when his Virgin Phones sucked, at least to my experience.)



    Enco, I was looking at Starlink a year ago and I found out heavy rain is a problem for it, and we get plenty. $600 in equipment plus $120 per month. I’ll stick with ATT for now.




    It would definitely take more power to beam a signal through storm clouds. But with no weather in the vacuum of space, the satellites could have continuous solar power to charge the equipment, plus thermocouples could take advantage of both the extremes of heat and cold in space.

    As satellite services became more ubiquitous and competitive, prices would come down on equipment and service. Old cable bills could serve as coasters right alongside the free AOL disks.

    And the modern Techno cover of The Tornados’ “Telstar” to celebrate and advertise the service would probably sound little different than the original:

    🛰️ 🚀 🌠 ♾️


    Putin will soon have full control of what the proletariat get to see on what I call the RWW or Russia Wide Web.



    Does anyone doubt that mankind is amenable to PROGRAMMING?

    The maketplace of ideas can be manipulated to bring about intended beliefs.

    I am convinced.

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