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British Yorkshire-based metalhead and a proud, concerned atheist into creating music and art, reading and writing, films, socialising, gaming and generally all the usual stuff! Recently re-trained in hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis, beginning to start setting up business whilst currently working in development of adults with physical disablities and learning difficulties, autism, Down’s syndrome etc. As of 11th May 2013, I’m now also proud father to a baby girl!

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Trite but true: it can get lonely sometimes! I love learning, and I feel more inspired and so much better about life and the future of humankind when I see others around me displaying similar feelings about striking issues which, it can seem sometimes, you’re on your own in supporting or opposing. It also gives me more faith in our species to see that, even if it’s very slow and gradual, cats are starting to herd!

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I got into science at a fairly young age. Things didn’t add up…science and religion were irreconcilable, to paraphrase The Hitch.