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    Any one else live where the city has an 8 ft. white cross on, no exaggeration, every road and corner?
    I am new here. I had know the stories did not feel right from age 10. I was forced through Sunday and Wednesday church services. I even had to Indore a christian school. I quit school, as it became to much. My family did not guide me in the routes and ways of education. I have always been lost directionally, but I am willful. Caught an ok job, until my boss decided sense I was not as holy pumped as he was I had to be possessed! He worked into all my built up anxiety until I popped I blew up and walked. I went construction until I lost my thumb to the very bottom and the full use of my index finger. I even heard that some in the circle of family and friends said it happened because of my lack of faith… I have a child and a wife, I struggle and I paint to help the emotions that come from having to mostly hide your natural heart. So hello Zone! I am glad I found a place to vent.and meet others that feel as I.