• There’s an interesting video called “Gravitational Wave Background on YouTube:
    I hear tell that when G_d watched it He said “okay. OKAY. I quit.”

  • panchoverdes posted an update 4 months ago

    I gotta wonder how I got friendship request from “siue” and your site tells me I have none such.

    • I got the same thing. I think that when this site morphed from Atheist Nexus, or whatever it was before, that friend request got sent to all old members. Just guessing.
        • With a name “siue,” maybe somebody’s doing a hog-calling contest like in Spivey’s Corner, NC.🐖🐷
          • Hey pancho & heather, Sue was also Sue Saunders, and perhaps other aliases we haven’t seen yet. Thank you for being informative, so I can keep deleting him/her/it if new aliases occur.

            Heather, we were Think Atheist, which is in years-long hibernation until it can be revived with funding, or Ning finally kills it, whichever comes first.