• PopeBeanie posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    In spite of the “ism” suffix, I don’t think of atheism as an idealism as much as it is an anti-idealism. I only fly my atheist flag because of religious idealisms that claim to be the only true religion, or the only righteous way to live. Even capitalism requires law and regulation to keep big money from being too powerful over other members of the system.

    The US constitution has written into it prohibition of any religious domination. Yet some of our most conservative politicians claim to be working for their Christian God, and call the less intense believers or unbelievers their enemy, if not downright evil in may cases.

    That’s why I’m an atheist. If/when the day comes when theists no longer force their chosen brand of theism onto others (e.g. as do Islamists chose to force Sharia Law onto others), I will happily drop my atheist identity and leave it behind.