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    On October 23rd I finally overcame my cowardice and got another rescue cat (why do they always die too soon?). OMG! This one is a pistol, a snowball with pink ears, a dive-bomber and toe-biter, only one year old and guilty of terminal cuteness. Already I am fearing the loss of this beautiful creature who, unaccountably, seems to love me a whole bunch. I think I just won the lottery without even buying a ticket. She is already the joy of my life. This progressively more handicapped lady can only blink in amazement at the precious gift I have received from the feline
    world. Sabrina is her name.

    • That’s so sweet, Private! I think that cats are usually fairly indestructible, because they’re mostly mongrels. My mum just had a little long-haired white cat move in, she just came in lost out of nowhere, and for the first year she was there, she was the happiest cat you’ve ever seen. Apparently she has Maine Coon because she is very friendly and tries to drink out of the toilet. She doesn’t have a name, but apparently cats don’t need one.