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    Over the last year I have moved some people I was acquainted with into my “poison pool”. I will no longer seek to engage with them in any format.  These are people who always seem to want something from me or if not, have nothing positive to say about other people.  I had time to reflect and had a few “Hang on a minute” moments.

    I suppose I do this every few years.


    @theencogitationer: This may be the video? I have seen another similar one somewhere too. Are we not all “out of Africa” anyway…where it all began?


    If you start telling any stereotypical Irish jokes I will punch your lights out as soon as I finish this drink.


    Have a great week everybody!


    I once spent an night on my own in a very old rural graveyard after taking a large dose of magic mushrooms. I spent most of the time imagining who each person may have been. I was about 18 at the time.  While the dead would not care if I danced on their graves I don’t think I would because of the anguish it might cause to the relatives of the dead. Especially not on a first date.


    If you can I would recommend the video in the “book” link. It is 2 hours but take a few breaks as there is a lot to ponder. Dennett’s ideas on being a responsible agent gives us a degree of free will to obey the laws that keep us responsible. This is actually an idea that Jordan Peterson discusses in his new book – 12 more rules (or some name like that) but I won’t be buying his book.


    Have a great week everybody!


    I agree with the non-confrontational approach to religious callers and pamphleteers. Generally, I have no issues with them and if I engage in conversation with them, I turn on my full Socratic approach which is well honed from debating with them over the years. (Some people play golf).

    There have been times when they have become very aggressive in their tone towards me and I have remained calm. I usually offer to turn the other check after I tell them I forgive them. That confused them.  On 2 occasions it turned violent and I had to defend myself. It is amazing how the asking the “right” questions can cause their cognitive dissonance bubble to burst 😊 I then asked them if they felt a little more humble now that 2 minutes ago.

    But when they drop homophobic leaflets though my mailbox, ignoring the “no junk mail” sign, I have no problems calling to their office to tell all twelve of them what I thought of them and their pathetic little minds, made vulgar by their indoctrination from primitive literature.

    When in a police station an officer offered me a crucifix to “help me find Jesus”, I had no problem asking him to provide some lube as it looked a little too rugged to use on him without it and then staring at him with a lecherous grin on my face.

    If what happened in WV happened to me, I would end up having them paint the town red and putting up a sign saying “Welcome to Hell” at each end of the town. I would leave them mentally horrified for life as I drifted off back to the plains. I will not tolerate religious intolerance if I think I can do something about it.


    The 2003 heatwave in France was an extreme event with temperatures of over 100F for long periods of time. The majority of the elderly people that died were at home or in privately run “retirement homes”.  Even during the average warm summer many houses are cool and can even feel cold on warm nights. They are built with concrete while most American houses are timber framed and retain the heat. I think the biggest cause was the fact than it happened in August when France practically shuts down for annual holidays so less home visits happened and fewer staff were working in the homes.  It was one of those “once in a lifetime events” (which will become more frequent) and one that took everyone off-guard I don’t think your example can be used as a powerful argument to claim the French healthcare system is an impoverished system.

    The example of the COVID deaths in Italy is also an outlier event.  The system was overwhelmed by the sudden outbreak of COVID. Many of the hospitals that were fully occupied have some of the best medical equipment in the world with staff trained to very high levels of competence. If this was not the case then I suspect a lot more people would have died.  Life without an occasional gelato? Why the Greek gods had to settle for mere ambrosia!

    As for the disgraceful “mother-and-child” historical events in Ireland, they happened because there was no healthcare available to unmarried mothers thanks to the Catholic Church which was (and still is) a racist, homophobic and misogynistic cult. The hospital system was run by the nuns at the time and this was a legacy of British imperialism. Ireland has existing structures dated back 8000 years but we only became a Republic in 1949. It is really only in the last 20 years that we have started to shake off the legacy of religion and it is an ongoing battle. But the lack of care shown to these women and children is in no way indicative of the Irish healthcare service as it is today.  We are regularly at the forefront of medical advances which help everyone.  Now go find me a hospital without an Irish nurse in it 😊


    At the recent CPAC in Florida (Desantis territory) it was obvious that the GOP is still the party of Trump. I mean they rolled out a “golden calf” in his image for the event! Not sure what Cruz will make of that when he come back down from the mountain top. Maybe he will smash it and try to rebrand himself as the savior of Republicanism while wearing a MAGA hat under his own, with just enough red showing to give a “nod and a wink” to the more extreme elements (if they are not mainstream by then). I think they would trust Cruz. Once Desantis and Cruz go a few rounds Haley will pop up to calm things down and reassure the “moderates” that she is a safe pair of hands. Then Kristi Noem will nominate Haley as her running mate. Donnie might like that.


    Have a great week everybody!


    Yeah, I heard a story about a family who came over from London so that they could “covid isolate” in a cottage on one of their parent’s small farm for the summer months. I know the area and it is an ideal isolation location at any time. They knew decent broadband was available so they could work remotely. They rang to say they were about 20 minutes away and as they had driven from London overnight, Grandad asked what they would like for dinner and gave them a few suggestions – “Thai, Indian, Italian….” He insisted that they had to order something as it was too late to cook.

    They assumed he was going to order deliveries from a few businesses in the local town. As they drove up to the house a drone landed on the front lawn beside their car. “Ah, perfect timing, your food has arrived. I ordered some of those fancy cappuccinos for you too, said 77-year-old granddad. “I order one every morning for myself”.

    They stared in disbelief. The children thought it was like the “War of the Worlds” movie with Tom Cruise, because of the noise and the lights. Most excellent!

    It has been great for the elderly or high-risk people who can have all the prescriptions delivered without having to travel. Apparently even the pet dogs are used to them now.


    Of course when I am in the west of Ireland I get my Thai food delivered by drone.


    I only have dhosas in this Indian food wholesaler and only once a year. They have a small restaurant inside and the food is cooked in front of you by some elderly Indian women. The drink is made from freshly squeezed sugar cane. Anything I have had since never comes close. To stay on topic, they don’t yet accept Ethereum.


    The Italian health system has universal healthcare for all citizens too.  If you don’t make a fuss about having a sticky plaster pulled off you knee they will give you Gelato for being molto bene.

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