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    Was that the only instance that you are aware of where the President threw dishes?

    It’s Not.

    Most excellent!! 🙂


    @Belle Rose

    I am still considering moving to the USA for a few months a year rather than my usual 3 weeks. I think America is great! But I am anxious about where it could be in 2024 if the Democrats don’t toughen up and nobody is punished for the insurrection, which is unlikely given the what Cassidy Hutchinson has testified to.  Remember this speech especially the last 5 minutes or so of it?


    That is an incredibly remarkable and praiseworthy occurrence.

    While I do lay a degree of blame on the Catholic Church for the genocide in Rwanda, they also helped with the reconciliation process.  I won’t comment on how that is almost the epitome of irony and I won’t comment on the Catholic Church being a force for evil in the world. (Resist the impulse Reg or be prepared to rant for an hour!)

    But yes, full praise to the ordinary women for driving it. If Putin was a woman….as Boris Johnson just commented…


    Would it be better to be a Satanist?


    Anybody know if I can claim asylum in another country?

    Maybe you could apply to the UK for asylum on the grounds that your human rights are being abused by the State. However, they would send you to Rwanda to be processed. But that is OK because you would immediately have access to their Universal Health Care system which is one of the best in Africa, good accommodation, top class medical care, healthy food and very friendly and hospitable people. But you need to be to handle warm sunny weather for most of the year. Then change your mind when AOC becomes President at the age of 35 and get a free trip back.

    Snap out of it Reg!


    Madam, please hand over your phone.


    I was expecting double digits 🙈.

    This is truly unbelievable! 😇😇


    I would agree too. I am not against children watching adults who think that they are in communication with their imaginary Creator of the Universe and are able to do so by kneeling down, straining their faces and using telepathy as the method of communication. I almost feel embarrassed for them. But it can help to make children see it for the delusion it is.

    When I stumble upon these pious individuals proselytizing in public, I will remind them of Matthew 6:5-6 – But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

    Unseen, if it is really is you, as the above verse states, can you give us a sign?


    Nevertheless, the mere existence of ubiquitous firearms in Israeli society does refute the Progressive saw that the mere presence of guns equals more violence.

    Really? It’s not the mere presence of incompetent or unstable people with guns that equals more violence? Like that other cliché, it not guns that kill people…its people that kill people.

    In Israel you must pass certain criteria before you can get a license. You must have a clean criminal record. A medical note to show you are mentally competent and physical fit from a doctor is required. You can only get one handgun and carry a maximum of 50 bullets at any time. You must take a practical gun safety test from a government approved tester and then you must do a written test on gun safety.

    In 2019 Israel had 2.1 gun deaths per 100K of population while in the USA it was 12.2 per 100K. Civilian gun ownership in the USA is 120 per 100 persons. In Israel it is 6.7 per 100 persons. Ireland has a higher rate of ownership that Israel! Source.  (chart rows 1, 106, 107.) So maybe not as ubiquitous as first thought.

    The difference is down to who can legally bear arms. This approach also greatly lowers the number of gun related suicides. The pass rate to get a license in Israel is about 62% which rules out over one third of applicants. Countries with good gun control laws and with mandatory background checks plus continuous training in safety and storage have fewer deaths. Banning military assault rifles also reduces deaths. Just look to Australia or Scotland after their outlier massacres.

    But to go back to your point about ‘the Progressive saw that the mere presence of guns equals more violence’. If you look just at the situation in the USA, it is the individual States with the highest gun ownership that have the highest rates of gun deaths. Source. More guns = more violence. The difference with Israel (and Switzerland) is that the latter will grant you the right to bear arms when you can prove you are competent and responsible to do so. Becoming 18 years old does not do any of that. Israel also has age restrictions. They have a much better approach. Comparisons made by Conservative commentators between Israel and America are just plain wrong. Contrasting Israel with America would give a more realistic picture.

    In the meantime, America will have to endure the equivalent of 5 Uvalde’s every single day.


    It is even worse that that. There was another SCOTUS ruling last week that went unnoticed to some extend given what else was happening with gun rights and making women second class citizens again. It has the potential to dismantle secular public education in the United States, according to Justice Breyer. It certainly has the stench of a  “slow creep to normality” attached to it. Here

    Linked earlier in this weeks Sunday School.


    The Vatican is running our highest court.

    Yes. I have often asked our government why the Vatican is allowed to dictate the Irish school curriculum when they pay no tax in this country. (Ireland)

    I used to send a scheduled email every morning and when I got no reply after 6 months, I changed the schedule to every hour. I then took out a Freedom of Information request to see why I got no reply or if they had marked me as a spammer. Apparently I was “the bane of someone’s life”. They were lucky I was only in first gear 🙂

    Atheist Ireland are doing great work in pointing this out.

    All parents have constitutional rights in relation to the religious and moral education and formation of their children. The state only views Article 42.4 as an obligation to fund Catholic education and has never given any priority to the conditions to that funding which are a foundational pillar of the constitution.

    As well as this, there is the explicit condition under article 44.2.4 that children have the right to attend publicly funded schools without attending religious instruction in those schools. This condition of funding is also routinely ignored.

    “44.2.4 Legislation providing State aid for schools shall not discriminate between schools under the management of different religious denominations, nor be such as to affect prejudicially the right of any child to attend a school receiving public money without attending religious instruction at that school.”

    The reason that there are so many Catholic-run schools, and the reason that minorities suffer discrimination in them, is because of religious privilege and not the Constitution. Atheist Ireland will continue to campaign for the constitutional rights of minorities.

    I have successfully campaigned to get Bibles out of polling booths. If I see them ever again in one I will make sure I am arrested and make a mockery of the State in court.


    Before the meal….

    May Allah be praised

    So that my belly be raised

    Between the chair and table


    May Allah be damned

    For my belly is jammed

    Between the chair and table.

    I heard this when I was 7, on Xmas eve, at a neighbors house. I only just recalled it now that I read yours!


    @- It’s hilarious to hear a theist try to refute the loving and forgiving nature of their god – it’s like a gridlock in their thought processes and their eyes go a bit wild.

    You should try it!

    I have been doing that for years 😊 Cognitive Dissonance Rocks!!

    I also ask them how happy they are knowing that they will spend eternity with Muslims as you both believe in the same God. (Then I sit back and wait…)

    When theists tell me that they will go to Heaven when they die, I will tell them that they are wrong.

    No, you will stay dead until the Day of Judgement. Then you will have to wait your turn to be judged. It could mean that you remain dead for a centuries before you get resurrected. If you disagree, could you tell me where in your Bible it says this?  Depending on whether they know of the verse in Luke 23:43 will decide my next question.




    Thanks Strega, that is a lot more eloquent that one of my replies, depending on who I am addressing.

    A theist. What do you think happens after you die?

    Me: Shortly after I croak, I will probably piss and shit myself a little and that is before I really start to get that bad bacterial smell going on. Just like we all will. It’s the last thing we all do! But I won’t be aware of this because my consciousness will have shut down before this happens.

    Sometimes I might say “The reason people think their consciousness might survive death is because of the concept of the duality of mind and body. Some people still think that the mind exists independently to the physical brain. For years it was assumed that humans have souls that are independent of the body. But this is just redundant religious waffle. We do not have souls. We are just “a body”. The brain is just another organ in that body and the mind is a manifestation of what the brain does”.

    It is easy to understand that our breath is the output of our lungs. Similarly our consciousness is the output of our brain. Asking where our consciousness goes after we die is like asking where our breath goes when we die. Nowhere….both organs shut down and production ceases.

    …or something like that…


    Have a great week everyone!

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