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    Soooo many people just went to the voting booth thinking “what the hell, our vote’s not going to change anything anyway, why not protest the system and throw a monkey wrench into it”!

    Yes, I think that is a good observation. Trump did have his core MAGA supporters who made all the noise and got all the limelight but I do think the majority of his votes were protest votes – which Trump was smart enough to notice.

    I will watch the last debate tonight. The mute function will be interesting and the whole world is watching.


    It looks like this is a relatively painless Sunday School.

    I was going to post about new allegations of sexual abuse within various church cults but decided against it. There is enough weird shit going on at the moment. I even suspect the Catholic church waits until everyone is per-occupied with other news before it reveals any more of its own dirt.

    Though some of the content may be disputable, it also affords opportunity for clarity.

    I should hope so. I often don’t agree with what I post 🙂

    I like your Marx quote.

    Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others



    If I could I would, at least once 🙂

    Looks like GA is now about 50/50



    A quote about the white missionaries in Africa, attributed to Desmond Tutu:

    “They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened our eyes, they had the land and we had the Bible.”


    I have never spoken with an atheist who considered the word to mean anything other than a lack of belief in the existence of god(s). That is what the word means.   The same is true of theism. A theist is someone who believes in  the existence of god(s).

    People will have views based upon what they do or do not believe. Those beliefs or lack thereof will be the cornerstones of how their versions of reality are formed but the terms still retain their meaning. I don’t understand Evolution to be true because I am an atheist but because my version of reality is based upon scientific discovery.

    If I was an Evangelical or Muslim, I would base it upon the Biblical or Quranic versions (they are the same) as being correct.

    I could not be a theist and accept Evolution because I cannot both accept that humans are a product of speciation within the “ape family” and that a Creator God made us in the form we are today. The contradiction is too vast for any middle ground.


    Yes, of course memes are fine. I was once debating with an Evangelical couple. One of them kept saying he disagreed with what Dawkins wrote in “The God Delusion”. He said that everything he wrote had basically become an “atheist meme” but both of them pronounced “meme” as “me-me”. I used the correct pronunciation when I replied and asked them what in particular they considered in the book to be a meme.

    It turned out that they had not read it. Then one of them asked me “What authority does Dawkins have to talk about Evolution anyway”? Apparently “all you atheists love Evolution”.

    I then asked them if they knew the origin (pun intended)  of the word “meme”.  I was happy to explain it to them.


    Here is a video that covers many of the points. I would consider myself more of an anti-theist than an atheist. It is not my lack of belief that “drives” me but rather my anti-religious stance. I want a complete separation of Church and State.



    I saw some photos from northern Atlanta and I think it might turn blue. Turnout was at a record high and everyone was wearing masks. I am not assuming this means they were all Democrats…….but there were no red maga hats to be seen. I was in that area in Nov 2016 and it was a sea of red. I cannot imagine what it would take for someone to be unsure of who to vote for at this stage!




    The reason god is traditionally invisible is that he does not exist. I would give that a very high probability rating rather that claim it as a certainty. Then I don’t have to endure the same arguments with theists every time they claim to “know” that their god exists in actuality.

    At the Quantum level everything is a matter of probability.  I have decided to carry that idea forwards into everyday thinking to see how my perspective might change and forget about the idea of certainty (or maybe follow the idea of uncertainty). We are all made of those atoms which are made of smaller particles that act “UN-intuitively”.  I am determined to do so…….


    …that leprechauns don’t exist…

    When the fronkeys read that they became very unsettled. I told them not to worry about asking anyone to prove a negative again and they calmed down immediately. Phew!


    Yes, feel free to post some more. They could be considered as maxims for everyday life. To many they would be commonsense or as I like to say:

    What is commonsense to one person is special knowledge to another.


    Have a great week everyone!



    I am a site mode. Thanks for asking first. I don’t suspect there will be a problem but rather than uploading all in one would you mind posting a small sample first. Then I can create a new page\post for them all where they can be put under separate topics names.


    Welcome to the site. We go through a few lulls every so often. I am an big admirer of George H. Smith for his clarity of thought. He can sum up the ideas of the major philosophers in a very understandable way. I use quite a bit of his work in my own debates with theists.

    My favorite is that when someone tells you that they believe in a god, all they are telling you is their psychological state of mind. It is of no relevance to me what they believe. All I want to know is why they believe what they say they believe.

    If people want their beliefs to be taken seriously by others, then they must offer something other than their subjective opinion. “It is only by giving reasons that you can free your beliefs from the bonds of subjectivity and earn the respect that comes from objectivity”. If not, then it cannot be examined by others. If one does not want their beliefs to subjected to critical review then do not broadcast them. Do not knock on our front doors on Saturday mornings and expect us to believe what you believe, if you cannot justify those beliefs to us. Do not start ranting about being persecuted because we see your beliefs as delusional. As we say in Atheist Ireland, “You have rights, your beliefs do not”.


    Thanks Your Holiness, I catch all their YouTube videos too.

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