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    Here is a good article on OpenAI.


    Some good info here on micronutrient inadequacies.


    It is kind of a drug for me. Go a few days without getting outside and feel like shite.

    I concur. On Jan 1st 2018 I decided to walk 20,000,000 steps in 2,000 days. I am ahead of target and only need to average 8,500 steps to hit it. (by end June next year). Even when I cycle to the gym and then run on the dreadmill, I still need a walk outdoors later, no matter the weather.

    The Dutch have a word for it; Uitwaaein = “outblowing” to take in the fresh “windy” air to de-stress. Pronounced ‘out-vie-in’. More.

    I don’t worry about micro nutrients. Trace amounts are all that is required. Eating fruit and veg will cover all of that.

    However people with high blood pressure and a genetic predisposition for high cholesterol should attend primary health care and get checked out. Then follow the instructions.



    Anyone disagree with Bill Maher here?


    One of the biggest dieting mistakes is to think there are easy fixes to be had. Rather than fixating on a particular diet one should look to a lifestyle change. Don’t see the desired weight as the target but rather seek to become as healthy as possible by combining any dietary changes with exercise.

    The trick is not to wait to get to a target weight in order to start getting fit. Start the exercising first and good eating habits will automatically follow. Get a fitbit or similar tracker (not your phone) and start by walking 30 minutes every day. Build it up over 6 months to a target (say 8K steps a day) or 90 minutes walking. Add in a 500m jog every second day.

    As you* do this you will feel healthier and stronger. You will start to view food differently and will make better choices.

    But make sure to keep a record of your exercise (in Excel) even though it is kept by Fitbit. Sitting down each evening for a couple of minutes to record yesterdays routines is important. “It does not get done unless it is measured” is my mindset.

    * anyone


    Do a significant number of doctors enable this?

    I would expect so, just like they did in facilitating the opioid crisis with “pill mills” as what happened in various small towns in Virginia.  Example. With Hollywood slush funds involved, it would be no surprise.


    In a debate about the pros and cons of GMO foods I was once told that “We should never eat them as they are made from inorganic chemicals that we really don’t know anything about and that we would be safer sticking with organically produced food instead.”




    I have often written about Focus on the Family, headquartered in Colorado Springs and I don’t think I have ever posted anything nice about them. It is a disgusting and vile Christian organization in my opinion and I am forcing myself to be polite here!


    We will soon be hearing much about Ozwmpic, an anti-diabetic medication used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and long-term weight loss. I only heard about it last night at a meal in a friends house. He needs it for what it is intended for but it is short supply because so many people are using it for dieting. Even though his wife is a surgeon, they are finding it difficult to source.




    Have a great week everyone!


    The emissions from waste food are a serious problem. As mentioned in the PBS video, when waste food is put into a landfill site it will decompose and emit methane as it rots. But when it is properly composted this is not a problem as it is exposed to oxygen. I am currently in the USA and then only option is to put the turkey carcass into the waste bin. In Ireland we have 3 bins; Green for recycling, Black for household waste that goes to landfill and Brown for organic waste – all food scraps and garden waste like clippings or leaves. The latter is fully composted and reused as fertilizer or compost.


    I watched this article on food waste in the USA last night.





    @Belle Rose – I’m interested in herbal remedies….I think it is a good way to go. I just don’t know where to find good information that’s not woo.

    Any recommendations?

    Yes, I would recommend starting with this article. See also today’s Sunday School ‘Woo’ article. The reason you were not told about the ingredients is because they don’t do anything. TCM is bunk.


    Have a great week everyone!


    The election of Walker could have shifted the balance of power in the Senate. But that is no longer the case as the Dems have flipped a seat. Even if he were to be elected, it would make no difference. Hopefully the people that voted for him can now see that he is too stupid to be elected and will vote for Warnock instead. It will only require a small percentage swing to achieve that.

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