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    Have a great week everyone!


    We have made no inroads into any science that could make cryostasis possible.  I guess such technology and that of a viable spacecraft is a few centuries away still.

    The article (imo) almost takes for granted the likelihood of some type of collision. But once we pass through the man made space junk we should be safe. The first 300 miles would be the problem. The next 26, 000,000,000,000 to Proxima Centauri would be much safer. Even passing though a meteor field is relatively safe as they would be tens of thousands of miles apart.


    The problem is all about the distances to the nearest potentially habitable planets, even within the Milky Way. To travel one light year is similar to traveling around the diameter of the Earth 36,000,000 times in one year (without even stopping for a picnic). Planets on the “other side” of our galaxy are up to 100.000 light years away and the nearest galaxy. Andromeda is about 2,500,000 light years away.

    If a spaceship left Earth today for Andromeda and another left in 10,000 years time, the latter would get there first due to technological advantages.


    Wormholes may be viable shortcuts through space-time after all, new study suggests.


    Have a great week everyone!


    The synthesis of DNA building blocks from RNA precursors is a major argument in favor of RNA preceding DNA in evolution….

    Yes, that is why scientists are not “already in a quandary”. The science around it, while not settled, is rather compelling.

    I also agree that evolution is more of a tinkerer that an engineer. This is exactly the wording that Jerry Coyne uses in his book “Why Evolution is True”.  Evolution is like an architect who is only allowed to modified the plans of an existing building. He never gets a green field site to lay a cornerstone on.

    You have moved your argument from “impossible to occur naturally” to “highly unlikely”.


    Scientist are already in a quandary as to the origin of the first DNA molecule since it is impossible to occur naturally….

    This is completely untrue.


    I just dropped my triangle and damaged it beyond repair. Just perfect!


    Craig gives a reasonable explanation of what he means by objective and absolute morality here


    Have a great week everyone! A somewhat shorter post today as I have been traveling over the last few days.


    I recently played “Days Gone” on the playstation. It’s an “end of world” game where “the infected” (like zombies) similar to the Walking Dead story. A comment is made by someone about the good inherent in humans that separates us from other species. My character replies with the following;

    The only thing keeping us from turning into savages is about nine square meals. Try going hungry for three days — there’s no such thing as a starving patriot.

    Try having a discussion with him on day 4 about empathy and morality.


    But apes aren’t necessarily very ethical.

    Some apes are just not into back scratching other apes.


    Just completed a book involving hiking the App. Trail

    I will be staying about 60 miles south of Springer Mountain for Thanksgiving next week and we might “make a start” on one of the days. Plenty of time left to finish it 🙂


    Poor Plato ended up just a shadow of his former self.

    Unseen, I consider your facepalm pic as the reply of the year! Good one. Even Glaucon would agree!


    Poor Plato ended up just a shadow of his former self.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 2,800 total)