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    @jakelafort – I played a video game called Just Cause 4 where early on in the game the protagonist says “A plan is just a list of things that can go wrong”. Then he starts shooting everything up!

    At work I recently stated that I will manage any project that I am to be involved in or I will not be involved. Rather tyrannical but I am good at what I do and all are now delivered on time, under budget and with a few “bells and whistles” thrown in to impress the client.


    Sounds like a plan.

    I have seen their faces become distorted from trying to look pious in public as they shout at their left hand to tell it how righteous their right hand is. I have seen them rush from their private rooms to pray in public on the street corners. I have seen the glee in their eyes when they happily tell me that their god will burn me forever.

    I can quote verbatim the scriptures I know you recognize above and that they are ignorant of, for they are ignorant people. This is because I have studied the Bible and I doubt that they even possess one. Sometimes I tell them that they are as honorable as Jabez. 🙂


    @michael – to challenge the pseudo-sanctimonious Christian paradigm…

    We can certainly help you with that 🙂



    @michaelI evangelize not by speaking but by setting the example despite my debates on this site.

    Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.

    Christians would be closer to the truth if the followed that adage.

    Alleged to be spoken by St. Francis of Assisi but probably not.


    Ireland is now in a similar lock down to Spain. It is to last until Easter Sunday at a minimum but I doubt if regular life will be resurrected by then.  Police are making checks and sending people home. Fines will come into play soon.  I have just got my “essential person” documentation through so I will have some mobility.  Part of my work involves maintaining a hospital network and running the servers for a large CDU for post-op theater equipment.

    On a personal level it is not a problem for me. I can go to a local park that has locked its gates to cars. Everyone walks around it in one direction only. Runners (me) do the same in the inner loop.

    I recently setup a video link for a doctors surgery. I was not looking for payment but did not say no to a full bottle of hand sanitizer!!

    Apparently Muslims don’t use proper hand gels as they contain alcohol. ffs.


    @  onyangomakagutu  – yes indeed it does. Hope you are keeping well. Been a while 🙂


    Have a great week everyone!

    Human beings are members of a whole,
    in creation of one essence and soul.
    If one member is afflicted with pain,
    other members uneasy will remain.
    If you have no sympathy for human pain,
    the name of human you cannot retain.

    13th century poem by Sa’adi, a Persian-Muslim.


    Exactly Michael. Finally a Christian with the integrity to admit it. Thanks!


    Michael – please stop quoting from the Bible. The Bible is not evidence for anything. It is your argument not your proof. You are just appealing to an authority. You could claim that vibrations emitted from an atom during the “time” it absorbs a photon and re-emits it is evidence for String Theory because Leonard Susskind mentioned it in a book but it does not prove it. It is only an argument to be taken as a starting point. Your use of Biblical quotations as the some sort of authoritative trump card to win an argument is tedious to say the least (and with zero amplitude).


    But that is besides the point. WHEN WILL I LEARN? Fuck’s wrong with me?

    Hey man, its the journey, not the destination that counts 🙂 🙂


    But mercy shown can even rescue a atheist.

    We don’t need rescuing. We don’t want any mercy from the pious and self-righteous. We don’t want to go to your heaven – even if it was real. That would be hell. Then again, it only exists in your head because that is where your God exists.

    Are you claiming that a billion Hindus, the majority of whom know less about Christianity than I do, but who are atheists just like me towards your God, have a chance of becoming immortals just like Christians believe they will? You can “be saved” by having no faith? Please tell that to all the other Christians. Then they might leave us alone.

    The thought of having to spend eternity with 1000’s of nuns!!! I know the Catholics probably have their own private section 🙂 but do the Muslims get in too?


    Ireland will be in almost total lock down as of midnight (5 minutes time!) so the Catholics will be at home with their rosary beads asking their imaginary Creator of the Universe to spare them. While they wait for an answer they can fidget with their trinity spinners, as I have called them, much to their annoyance and my amusement. 4 minutes…….


    I have followed Hemant for a good few years, since he sold his soul on eBay.


    This is a message from above.

    Does that mean that 1 billion Hindus are going to burn in Hell for more that 750 trillion centuries?  I mean they are all atheists when it comes to your God, just like the atheists on this site.

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    Any so called Christian who says they are offended is a thin skinned charlatan not turning the other cheek.

    I think I have debated with members of most Christian sects at this point and also with those who are among the millions who each profess to have an individual “personal relationship” with Jesus. At some point, in the majority of those occasions, I have heard the line “but they are not true Christians”.  It is a fallacious argument as Robert mentioned above.

    Speaking in tongues Evangelicals say this about Catholics, Protestants say it about their various subsets and on it goes. I tend to get “Straight outa Compton Utah” Mormons call to me and the local JW leader brings his “recruits” around to impress them on how he can debate with a real live atheist. When I see them coming up the driveway I put the Book of Mormon on the coffee table and a copy of the Watchtower out for the Mormons. I then tell them that I really enjoyed reading their literature. I know I have the gift of prophecy because their reactions are always the same. They despise each other and can’t wait to tell me why the other camp is wrong.  At this point in my head I remind myself I now have ammo for the “free will” argument 🙂

    All theists say that those that believe differently are not real Christians. It is almost a mandatory statement to make. But just like quoting First Corinthians (please don’t) it means nothing to us here. It does not make or bolster any argument or statement you make. It might help to confirm your own beliefs by thinking you are sharing something important. But this too is another fallacious argument. It is an appeal to an authority that none of us consider to be authoritative.

    The amount of times Christians have thrown a tantrum upon hearing me say the words “I am an atheist” and launched into expletive laden tirades is in treble figures. This often happens at Atheist meetings (listed as being for “atheists”) at which they deliberately attend and then claim to be offended (because we don’t believe what they believe). I always tell them that I am prepared to forgive them for the use of such language and prepared to turn the other cheek. This can cause a complete meltdown. Priceless 🙂

    As an aside (to nothing in particular) I once manned an Atheist Ireland table when I noticed an elderly priest staring at me. He listened to me speak for over an hour to various members of the public, all the while with a wry smile on his face. I was hoping he would debate me. As I was packing up he said “You have a good knowledge of the Bible”. I asked him if he wished to discuss anything with me but he politely shook his head and said he had to go. I told him his secret was safe with me. He stared at me for another second or two and then smiled a little more as he walked away.

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