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    Hitchens might be my new man crush.

    Good to know that. He will make you think differently and you will be the better for it 🙂

    He spoke with an eloquence and command of the English language that few possess while delivering his cogent arguments that left most of his opponents stupefied.

    Here is a good one. Enjoy.



    @simon, The debate between David Quinn, the Catholic apologist and Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland continues here.


    Here is Hitchens with WL Craig to his left and Doug Wilson on is right and 3 other apologists there.



    ….engage him intellectually in any topic.

    That should be all that is required. After all it is a job interview for POTUS. As a smart woman once said, When they go low we go high. He only trades in insults and name calling because he cannot do highbrow debates.


    No, but I am happy to buy him a beer afterwards 🙂

    This is me:

    I will almost always stop to talk with street preachers. I have gotten a few of them so rattled and confused that they just shut up shop and went home scratching their heads.

    I used to help man a table for Atheist Ireland on the main street in Dublin. It was good fun. Occasionally I got to tell people that the gods I did not believe in included all the gods the other tables were proselytizing for.

    My favorite was the Saturday morning when a middle-aged woman ran up to the table to tell me I was the offspring of Satan and the whore of Babylon. She wanted to sprinkle “holy water” on me but could not unscrew the lid of her little plastic bottle. She then started ranting about Jesus so I asked her if Jesus would be proud of what she had just called me. She stopped spluttering long enough to take a breath and then just stared at me. I asked her if she was a famous actress because she looked so familiar to me. This made her brain wobble for a second and she asked me if I was crazy. This was going so well I almost smiled but I managed to keep my “hurt and offended” persona going.

    She then started citing scripture to me so I joined in and we had a battle rap of Bible quotes. She only knew a few Gospel lines and that is no match for 2 Timothy 2:15

    “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”

    I won!!

    You think you are better than me so, she spluttered?

    No, as it says in Proverbs 16:19, as I am sure you know, “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before stumbling”.

    Well then you must know the Bible also says that “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose”.

    Sorry but that is a line from the Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare, not the Bible.

    Silence. A look of pure hatred on her face and me with a benign, almost saintly smile on my face 🙂 She said she had to go but would leave me the bottle of holy water to wash out my mouth with. I told her I am able to make my own.

    What!! Only the priests are allowed to make it!!!!

    No, I do too. It’s much cheaper that way. All you need is regular water and then you just have to boil all Hell out of it. Once it is made holy you can bottle it. Just make sure it is cold first or the lid won’t unscrew.

    That is blasphemy. You are a vile heretic…yada yada yada……

    It’s OK, I said. There is no need to apologize for your profanity. I forgive you and I am prepared to turn the other cheek. I get worse abuse from Catholics.


    She looked like she was having a panic attack. She prepared to move off, huffing and puffing and again ranting about Jesus.

    Oh, now I think I know where I recognize you from. Did you star in a movie called Misery??

    They’re selling Jesus again.


    Hi Jody,

    Here is Hitchens debating Wilson. Maybe too long to watch in one go but plenty of excerpts on Youtube.


    Have a great week everyone!!

    Some verses from God’s Funeral by Thomas Hardy.

    ‘And, tricked by our own early dream
    And need of solace, we grew self-deceived,
    Our making soon our maker did we deem,
    And what we had imagined we believed,

    ‘Till, in Time’s stayless stealthy swing,
    Uncompromising rude reality
    Mangled the Monarch of our fashioning,
    Who quavered, sank; and now has ceased to be.

    ‘So, toward our myth’s oblivion,
    Darkling, and languid-lipped, we creep and grope
    Sadlier than those who wept in Babylon,
    Whose Zion was a still abiding hope.

    Full poem here.


    I don’t waste my time listening to Trump

    Jody “turns a deaf ear” Lee has an interesting way of not hearing my strong words. She must be getting too much fake news. What’s she getting?? Yes, “Too much fake news”.  A lot of people are saying that, in fact I am talking to people about that and they all agree with Donald. We have some very good people working on that. Many, many great people in fact. We don’t like your non-listening attitude. We pray to the Corinthians that you will realize it is all fake. Believe me I am doing very well with the economy and I have very many great friends who think so too. Tremendous people, all great patriots, to be perfectly honest. So it’s not gonna happen that Jody will not keep not listening, I must tell you. I’ve seen this before and I’ve sort of witnessed it—in fact, in two cases I have actually witnessed it. They said covfefe would never be a word and now everyone is saying it. The blacks, wonderful people, are saying it, the Latinos are saying it and even the women are saying it. It’s gonna be a yuge bigly word. It’s gonna be tremendous. All the incredible men and women are saying it. We are going to get rid of all that constant negative covfefe for you.


    Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.

    –    Churchill


    That Vedic Math video is good.


    it takes courage to stand up for non belief.

    I help defend the rights of religious minorities when they have their human rights threatened by the religious majority. Members of the Catholic majority faith (here in Ireland) are amongst some of the most ignorant and vulgar humans I have ever met. Whatever is against their faith is off the table for everyone else, Catholic or not.  It gets worse as their majority declines and they lose political power.

    Ignorant because many of them will not even listen to another point of view and vulgar because they are two-faced about their piety.

    And that is just for standing up for other theists rights.  So it certainly takes courage to stand up for non-belief. Once more atheists and secularists start filling governments seats then both non-believers and all religious sects will be better off.




    Rule applies for the half you can’t see.


    “Primitive man did not understand the natural cause of shadows, echoes, the birth and death of vegetable and animal organisms. Of this ignorance religion was born, and theology was evolved as its art of expression.”

    – Draper.


    What did our ancient ancestors actually witness, before the word ‘god’ even existed?

    That is a good question Quincy. They would not have witnessed anything much different to what we see today. It is just that we have better answered the questions that arise when faced with the same “sights and wonders”. Religions arose because of our ignorance of the natural world and fear of the unknown. Science, whose every step forward over 1,500 years was met with religious persecution, murder, accusations of heresy, confiscation of land and the imprisonment of scientists has managed to reach the point where it can now offer demonstrable answers.

    Not only did religion ask the wrong questions, it offered the wrong answers. With each new generation people create a revised image of their gods to suit what they now know. The babbling of theologians keeps them confused so they think their faith is the same faith as 2000 years ago. Most religious minds no longer wrestle to unscramble the same secrets of nature that our ancestors did. They have adapted the knowledge of the secular and scientific communities into their creeds but they still insist on some supernatural being to be the puppet master behind it all because no matter how much science discovers they will still fear the unknown. Most, if not all atheists I know do not fear death yet theists generally do even though their faith is meant to take away this fear. It does not work because their faith leaves them mentally immature and enthralled by the same delusions as our ancestors who worshiped idols. All it does is to play upon their emotions will false promises that quench their natural human curiosity and subdue their ability to reason.


    Insomnia is awful. But on the plus side – only three more sleeps till Christmas.

    People who use selfie sticks really need to have a good, long look at themselves.

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