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    If something serious or terminal were to happen to Joe Biden before Nov. 3rd would Kamala Harris take his place as the Democratic nominee for POTUS?


    Have a great week everyone!

    “We, the people, far more alike than different, bring our many unique talents and skills together for the good of all. Tonight, I call for peace and understanding. Yes, I’m an atheist. I’m white. I’m a parent. I’m originally from Illinois. I’m a transgender woman. We are all different in many ways. If we have prejudged each other already upon these differences, I fear we have lost before we ever began. Instead, may we seek out that which we have in common, and recognize that much of what makes us different separately, makes us stronger together.”

    Secular invocation given by Sarah Ray of the Atheist Community of Polk County to the City Commission.


    justified by patriarchal values

    These people use their imaginary god to justify their actions. They have a special book……


    No, I don’t think so.


    Yes, I was just about to reply as Simon has done.


    With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil—that takes religion.

    Steven Weinberg, Nobel Laureate. (No, not for saying that, he got it in Physics)!!


    According to Genesis a wife must only desire for her husband and “he shall rule over you”. Ephesians commands that “wives should submit in everything to their husbands”.

    Muslims have their own rules about the size of the stick used in the beatings and how severally the beating of any one of their wives should be.

    Without religion women would not know how to behave. I know some atheist women and they are just very bold.


    Only been 5 days but his bio and posts are still there, at least when I search as an admin. He may have had some Storm Isiasis trouble but I think it veered past him.


    Instead of using the word “hardcore” as it can appear militant would it be better to think in terms of having a “low bullshit tolerance”?

    Somebody told me today that I needed to soften up just a little bit.

    Ask them what they mean by that. If you let things simmer too long then you will appear to be too confrontational when it comes to any kind of conflict resolution. It is better to be assertive at an earlier stage to prevent things escalating to the point of needing a third party or manager to resolve it.

    “He is one of our best mentors” OK, I would ask what standards is that based that on? What qualifications does he have to teach? What courses have the company put him on to be a mentor?

    The HR person needs training too.  Hiring and firing people is not a qualification.

    Raise issues early and keep notes.

    Can I assume the person who suggested you soften up is a man that suddenly feels challenged by your change of attitude? The pendulum can be in the middle too.


    The Constitution DOES address the separation of church and state.

    Yes, It is just that members of Project Blitz ignore that fact. I have on occasion explained that to school indoctrination boards in Texas.

    PS – thanks for the video link last week for the book I referenced.

    Great to see more about Pluto.

    Indeed Davis, it is one of my favorite “planets”. For some reason the line “alone and palely loitering” always comes to mind when I contemplate it. I am seeking inspiration for my next tattoo based on the poem and Pluto……I like that it is not one of the giants.


    Have a great week everyone!


    Don’t blame cats for destroying wildlife – shaky logic is leading to moral panic!!


    The scarecrow in my field in tied to a planck. That allows him certain degrees of freedom to appear in a different part of the field every time I look over at him. I think he likes the indeterminacy it affords him because when he looks at the world through his rose-tinted quantum shades he finds the future is not determined unequivocally by the past. All future events are interactions that cannot be foretold. He had a dream that because everything is made of atoms and atoms in turn are made of energy particles that nothing matters. All of Space is a one big field of energy fluctuations that give the illusion of having solid objects within it.  I think I will prevent him from eating granular and finite amounts of blue cheese at night to see if he gets a better nights’ sleep.


    I think you are not distinguishing dark matter from dark energy. It’s true that the cosmological constant could account for dark energy.

    Why would I need to distinguish them? Are you claiming that there is no equivalence between E and M in “dark space” (my term)? It is the basis of Einstein’s theory. Or do you mean that matter and the “field” are different? That is, matter is E and M but the Field is only energy and not the classical interpretation of Einstein where it is both?   Personally I visualize “everything” in terms of Fields. I am a farmer after all and still outstanding in my own field 🙂


    @ Michael17 –

    You are not acquainted with recent scientific jargon. It has been used in reference to dark matter….(to Unseen).

    I am speaking of agencies that predate the universe……(to me).

    It is possible that Dark Energy is actually the cosmological constant – that Einstein missed until Hubble explained it to him a decade or so later. It could be made from anti-particles and anti-matter, i.e. all particles being the opposites of what the visible Universe is constructed from. It makes up the majority of the Universe and could be expanding too. So that could account for the increasing rate of expansion we see happening.  I call this my “Fronkey Theory”.

    But I cannot see a situation where non-baryonic angels who are older than 14 billion years could exist in either space. How do human prophets detect these entities that are constructed without atoms?  Why is what they do so dependent on red heifers and the EU? What if Brexit did not happen or was that foretold too??

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