• Glen D posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    Greetings from sunny S Australia, where it’s currently cold and wet.

    I’m an often opinionated geriatric with an inquiring mind. Don’t mind being corrected when I make a mistake if it’s done with civility. Or if you disagree. I will do my best to treat others as I expect to be treated.

    Some of my many self labels include; Agnostic atheist, skeptic, cynic, realist and misanthrope.

    I’m here as a past time. Will hopefully have some fun and learn a bit.

    PS : can’t type for toffee, for may make some typos.
    I’ve already done some lurking , so will have a bit more of a look around before dipping my toe in the water.

    • Welcome, Glen D! I see you’ve written some replies already. Feel to ask questions, too, if you like. 🙂
        • Thanks for the welcome. I notice you only posted 2 minutes ago; I don’t live on my computer, I heard an email ping—
            • Haha, right, well I’ve been a geek since High School, about, let’s see.. back in the early 70s. Just signed up for a couple more computer classes, in fact. Yet I admit that it’s unnatural for we humans to evolve in this direction!