• Thats a good graph. I would wager that a collection of the top 5 taoist texts would have no violence in it (or if so, commentary on violence rather than narrative violence or encouraging it).
      • And in fact in the Dhammapada, from what I remember, there was no prescription for or narrative violence, but commentary on it. In other words, it is by no means a violent text. I am rather surprised there are even 87 sentences with violent words. I will have to go over it again. It is really just a book about peace, not being an asshole and encouraging nice thinking and kindness.

      • Violent words may not be the best way to assess, since you can use a word in order to decry it.
          • I would imagine the best way to assess them is to read the texts and make judgement calls on if the violence is narrative, descriptive or part of a commentary. That requires a fair bit of work and then opening up your work to scrutiny.
            • While we are on the topic, I find it a very strange claim that there are no words associated with violence in the Veddas. It is a huge corpus of texts and there is most definitely violence in it (not the commentary kind).