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    Reg, i would characterize that as a corollary of the dangerous seminal idea that truth is subjective, amorphous or WHAT TRUMP SAYS IT IS. There is an inherent danger in giving a person with power deference or free reign to prevaricate, BS and speak authoritatively on topics beyond the speaker’s ken. If you substitute any half-wit, i mean ANY, that person would impanel experts and take a consensus of their opinions to form a national policy.

    Politicizing an issue of health? It is fucking insanity.



    How can it be dangerous? Stephen Hawking said that a theory is a good one when it generates more knowledge.

    Good theories make better weapons.



    Sorry your niece is facing that Reg that’s horrible. I hope I’m wrong about my election prediction this time around….


    @ Jakelafort. I hope you are recovering and feeling better. Whenever Donald Trump’s speaks about cures for COVID-19, as if he holds any scientific or medical authority, I always think he is the epitome of the word “ultracrepidarian“.

    @ivy – thanks. COVID cases will surge within the Education system. That includes here in Ireland. In Georgia the Freshman accommodation is provided by 3rd parties rather than by the University itself.  This desire for profit is what drove the political rush to re-open. Little or no attention was paid to the advice of medical experts. However all her courses are online anyway and she is very self motivated so it will not be a problem for her (GPA 4.35 as I am happy to tell everyone!)

    What nobody seems to grasp is the potential long term damage COVID seems to be doing to many healthy young people, even to those that are asymptomatic or who only had an apparently mild illness. There are reports of athletic people that get out of breath after a short walk 4 months after “recovering”.



    I am recovering, thanks Reg.

    First i heard about the after effects of the virus. It is scary. Wish that info were disseminated cuz it might discourage young’ns from being cavalier about protection.


    More info here from the Mayo Clinic and from the BBC. It seems it can damage any of our organs and being asymptomatic is no defense. It also appears to be able to infect people a second time. Not a resurgence of the first infection but a second independent one with a possible slightly modified genetic strain. This is not yet fully proven but it would seem to be the case in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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